Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It Was Never Our Desire...

...To create chaos, or to bring disgrace to the County of Northampton. County Executive John Stoffa didn't need any help, he did that all on his own.

Mr. Stoffa could have done the right thing from the beginning, but in arrogance instead he chose to thumbed his nose at us. Sadly, he thumbed his nose at County Council too, yet (for whatever reason) they fail to see his corrupt behavior, even when he publically admits his guilt.

We have to ask the tough questions because no one else is doing so. Consider the media being present at a council meeting is actually a waste of time and money, because in our opinion, they don't report the truth.

Stoffa-gate is the kind of newspaper story that catapults reporters anywhere in the country...but not in Northampton County, and not the Morning Call or the Express Times. They appear to have replaced their reporters with puppets that report slanted stories, or nothing at all.

What every taxpayer in Northampton County previously believed to be true, they now without question KNOW is true. What is baffling to say the least, is why won't County Council act on the facts?

No-we don't necessarily want to see Mr. Stoffa at his seventy plus years of age in jail. However, he's the one making his bed. We certainly will make him sleep in it if he forces us to.

The only noble and honorable thing left for John Stoffas to do is to resign. You have disgraced yourself, but more importantly you have disgraced the County. Now do the right thing and step down before we have no choice but to involve other state and or federal agencies that will only bring more disgrace and shame to Northampton County. We never bluffed John, and we will not start now!


  1. He should resign. His hairbrained scheme to get a building should be shelved. How can a disgraced County Executive have so much support on County Council? People have come forward to tell the truth about the Stoffa builidng and how it will be terrible for both Human Services and the taxpayers. Stoffa tells some goofy new car story and everyone goes all weak kneed. It is a shame that council has already decided to do this based on secret committee meetings they held. They don't even want or care about public comment. I guess they forget this is the same guy that tried to dump Gracedale. He and his "committeee's" lied about that as well. The people made that clear in a refereendum.

    I guess we have to make it clear again this year in the elections.

    Unfortuantley Stoffa willnot resign. Unfortunately, county council will reward him with a new building.

    This is the government we now have in the county. It is sad but true. Who are our friends? Do we even have any friends?

  2. Stoffa has bigger troubles than a stupid HSB the county cannot afford. In case COAF is not aware the auditor generals office handles misuse of taxpayer dollars.

  3. If not for the COAF how mutch more would Stoffa gotten away with? Makes one wonder does it not? Now he is on the hot seat everyone is watchlng him close. What will be his next trick?

  4. Have you read the latest article in the Express Times. Stoffa said he wants county council to vote on the last meeting in February on his building deal. If they turn it sown that is it, he is finsihed wiht any Human Servcie building. No repairs, no help, nothing.

    He won't fix the ceiling over mr. Mehlers head, he won't do anyhting unless you do what he wants. Is that a real leader?

    So county ocuncil has been gioven their orders. Will they obey? Will they call Mr. Stoffa out on his latest threat?

    This man is consumed with having a legacy at all costs. He wants to bankrupt the county as a gift to the next Executive.

    Doesn't he sound a lot like he did during the Gracedale scam.

    Stoffa is consistent. He acts like a petulent child and not a real leader. He will once again fill the building with people to demand council do as he commands. We will see if county council has a backbone.

  5. There is a good editorial in the Easton Express on the Stoffa building. thjey urge County Council toconsider its actions and not rush. Sounds like what we have all said for years.