Thursday, January 17, 2013

What A Joke!!!

Yes - ladies and gentlemen of Norco, the miscreant has muscled his way into local government again. Upper Mount Bethel Township is once again face with a an undesirable problem - Ron Angle.

We all knew and understood that it was only a matter of time, but this really didn't have to happen. Mr. Angle is but a big bully who, as in the past, has bullied his way in life.

Unfortunately for UMBT, they will have to deal with the mistake of not standing up to the bully. Good luck!

ET take on it:


  1. How could We The People have permitted this? What strings did O'Hare pull to make this happen?

    Many dance on the end of his evil strings.

    O'Hare must be stopped at all costs.

  2. Heaven help UMBT


  3. Ohare pulled no strings and UMBT will correct their mistake when angle throws them into a tail spin. It also is only a matter of time before they realize their mistake and then they will say C YA!

    1. Don't bet on it. O'Hare's web of influence is wide. Look at what he did to Mr. Onembo?

      He is evil and must be stopped at all costs.

    2. yes I do agree with you he must be stopped I just don't think he had anything to do with what happened in UMBT

  4. This is start to return to county politics.

  5. Mr. O'Hare is attacking the court admisntrator. You must remeber this is the Adminstrator who caught O'Hare and his male friend in female clothing in a men's bathroon in the county courthouse. O'Hare has had it out for him ever since.

    O'Hare accuses the Adminstrator of "shady" contracts with a friend.

    Howerver , Mr. O'Hare is deleting and ignoring questiomns about how much money longtime Jophn Stoffa friend, Ken Mohr has made over the past seven years in Northmapton County. It has been stated that Mr. Mohr has received numerous contracts for various things that are just under the $25,000 amount that must be reported to County Council.

    Now Mr. Mohr is at the forefront of the Stoffa scheme to lease a "legacy" building in an Industrial Park. Apparently, Mr. Mohr was behind the effort to lease a different building in an Industrail Park in
    Stofa's first year.

    Would you not think a smart county council would want to investigate what is the connection with the Lehigh Valley Industrail Parks and Mr. Mohr and Mr. Stoffa.

    The building will be a windfall for the builder and an expensive extravagence for the DHS.

    Don't be shocked that if county council agrees to this messy lease, Gracedale will be dragged into the fiscal mess within a few years.

    Stay alert. Since county council is not even bothering.

    How can they blindly follow a guy whoo has lied about so many things. Do they forget some of them only won because of the Stoffa scam on Gracedale? Now these very same people are just going along with him, no questions asked. Are we really represented by anyone. Do they even know or care what questions to ask?

    I am truly sadened. I am not surprised by O'Hare or
    Stoffa's behavior as we are use to that but some of the ocunty council has really disappointed me. Stoffa should not be allowed to make such a far reaching decision in his last year.

    Especially after he almost destoryed Gracedale with his falsehooods.

    Please stop the madness!

  6. BOH in womens clothing? My naughty dream is a night out with Bern Bear in full drag, skin tight pleather pants, blonde beehive wig, 7 inch stilletos, and a jogging bra all tied together with a leopard print fanny pack filled with various adult lotions.