Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where Did Our Great...


Let us now discuss Lamont McClure, the last of the four Councilmen we elected to office in 2012.

Mr. McClure from the onset of the Gracedale saga, has always been the voice of reason to those of us who endured to save Gracedale.

Not only did Mr. McClure stand with "We The People", in many cases he stood alone on county council-defending Gracedale. Never backing down, never giving up, always exemplifying the characteristics of a true leader.

All residents of NorCo who know anything about "The Peoples" struggle to keep Gracedale in County hands, know that without Councilman McClure, our strife would have been much more difficult.

As prudent and reasonable people, we understand that Mr. McClure is not perfect, and that's okay, we don't need him to be because we are not seeking perfection.

What we are seeking...is a true leader. Someone who understands that above all else, listening to his electors is paramount. Someone who understands the meaning of good values, ethics and morals, and who will always strive to work efficiently and diligently to serve the needs of the taxpayers who foot the bill. Someone who acknowledges We The People are the reason they chose to serve. And most importantly, someone who can stand up and say: I am sorry for my err (to err is human), let us make a correction, it won't happen again, and move on. And someone who is not seeking to be praised at every hour of the day for doing the job they are paid by the people to do.

Mr. McClure, We The People are grateful for your service, and we sincerely thank you for all you did to help us keep Gracedale where she belongs. Now we're asking that you help continue to protect her. Also to assist us repair the tear that County Executive John Stoffa put in the fabric that raps around The People and their Government.

John Stoffa MUST be dealt with. Not for personal reasons, but because his choice to deceive The People, as well as County Council and the entire County is a disgrace to his office.


  1. Maybe Lamont could ask for a motion to have the council solicitor review the Executives actions in givng taxpayer servcies to a private citizens lawsuit.

  2. It is sad that Lamont has had no support in his quest to look into the Stoffa Gracedale scandal. For that I say shame on county council. I willnot support any of the at large incumbets. They must all be voted out.

    I would hope they would at least help Lamont look into the relationship between consultant Ken Mohr and his longtime pal John Stoffa. Mr. Mohr has been given how many non bid contraacts over the past seven years by John Stoffa? How much were those contracts for? Why was he used to handle something as involoved as Human Services when he has no experience in it. Why was the "review committee" packed with Stoffa employees? Why is it reported that did Stoffa had to promise "union" construction workers to Mr. Kraft for support? Is that leagal?

    At the very least, county council should come out of its coma and ask sonme tough questions about this seven year relationship between Mohr and Stoffa. I would like to see the Controller do a through review of the contracts and the money spent. Rememeber, all of this is paid for by the Northampton County taxoayers.

    1. I do agree with your assessment of this situation. What is not visible is just how far Stoffas tentacles reach. There has to be a reason for Council's silence on the information the controller put on the table relating to the misuse of tax dollars. Is it possible that thatthey are also involved somehow in stoffas web of lies? Just a thought!