Friday, January 18, 2013

Where Did...

...Our great AMERICA go?

Going back to early 2012, We The People supported Councilman Scott Parson  at the polls because we believed in him too. In late 2011, around October or so, we lifted him up as The People's Leader...well what happened? - We suspect County Executive John Stoffa happened. We're not sure how, but that seems to be the only answer to explain his direction.

Mr. Parson promised he would bring civility back to County Council, well that was easy, because without Ron Angle it stands to reason that the processes would become more civil. But he also promised (and he can correct us if we're wrong), to bring Justice back to the PEOPLE of Northampton. So what happened? Again-John Stoffa happened!!!

We Know that Mr. Parson proudly served as a United States Marine, and as such, he represents the honor of the Marine Corps. And we know that while serving in uniform he readied himself to make the ultimate sacrifice if necessary (death), to defend our rights, liberties, and freedoms as Americans. Realistically, what has become so difficult to understand is why he is not defending those rights now (or has he stop being a MARINE?).

Captured Blog: Marines Pour into AfghanistanWe still stand behind you Scott...but we must ask-why are you forsaking us.

We trusted you...took you at your word, and we celebrated with you, your Mother and your Father, because YOU sir were our hope.

So why then have you chosen to ignore and forsaken those of us who trusted you to keep your promises? Why Scott?

To be continued...


  1. I think Scott is a good man and will cut him some slack on this. I have much less faith in the rest foi county council. Lets see how many give Stoffa his Gracedale budget destroying HS building.

  2. O'Hare has been complimentary of Parsons on his hate blog. Has he entangled Parson in his web of hate, lies and deceit? Is he pulling Parsons' strings, making him dance like a puppet, as he has done to so many before?

    O'Hare is evil and must be stopped at all costs.

  3. I am a friend of the COAF. I thank you for all you have done for Gracedale. I am writing to defend Mr. Parsons. I realize that many want to see council go after Mr. Stoffa on his clearly inappropriate use of county funds to help Angle and O'Hare.

    My concern is that in our zeal to see Stoffa pegged, we throw out the baby with the bathwater. Mr. Parsons already accomplished a wonderful thing, he ridded us,the county of the evil Angle. Please let us never forget that. Yes, we all heped Scott but it was also the good person Scott was and is, that helped him win in a very Republican area.

    We have a real important issue in front of us. Mr.Stoffa wants to destroy Human Services and really Gracedale with his crazy multi-year building lease. We need to focus on that.

    I donot believe Scott is in favor of it. But he and others needour help.

    We all want Mr. Stoffa to face justice but we also want to ensure we never go through this agin, by electing and keeping good people on county counciil even if they don't move as fast as we like. Or even if they do not agree with all of us all the time.

    The county ahs been wounded and ripped apart by
    Angle/Stoffa/O'Hare. We are coming back to a better place but the journey continues.. Let O'Hare praise or attack who he wishes. We know who is good and not good. We also don'twant O'Hare to use his praise as a way to fool us into going after one of our own. These guys are sneaky as you know. If O'hare sayds good things about one of us, so what, let him.

    I understand the frustration but I am truly inpressed with Scott. Please let us stay clam and deal with one battle at a time.

    I assure you I am a friend who has given advise in the past. I will soon be speaking to you more publically.

    To all, God Bless!

    1. Thank you for your encouragement. We would like to express that this series of post are not intended to insult or offend anyone.

      And we want everyone in the county to understand that we too continue to stand behind Scott as outlined in this post. Our intent is more along the lines of asking the difficult questions that no one else is asking. While pointing out to our elected representation that we have not forgotten their promises to us.

      Also, we will keep to our word promising to hold all of our elected officials responsible and accountable, because they are responsible and accountable to We The People. We mustn’t lose sight of that.

      There will be more post asking very similar questions of others on CC. Again-we say noting with intent of insulting and offending, or attempting to create chaos, but to demonstrated that as we stated early on, were not going away. And we expect real representation from those we have elected.

      And as an involved people-we will continue to ask questions that aren't being asked (for whatever the motivation). John Stoffa Broke the peoples trust, and possibly the law. Yet no one has addressed that issue publically. Hence, if no one on CC is prepared to call John Stoffa out on his unethical behavior, then We The People will. Unfortunately we have to ask, if we have to—what does that say about our so representation?

      We support every member of CC for the moment (with two exceptions of course). Having said that, we will continue to watch closely what is being (or not being) done to correct the corruption visible to all with eyes opened wide.

      Until someone says something publically relating to John Stoffas unethical and immoral behavior, we will respectfully continue to press on for answers.

  4. Mr. Parsons is a Stoffa man. He will never criticize Mr. Stoffa.

  5. Lehigh Twp. supporterJanuary 20, 2013 at 9:37 AM

    I supported the COAF and Scott. He is a good man, to the core, trying to make the best of a very difficult situation. Please be patient, I believe that he will not betray you. There is probably a very good reason for his behaviour so please be patient and cut him some slack.

  6. Mr. Parson couldn't even take s stand on who should be CC Prez. Voting present. Real Profile in Courage.

  7. You posted anonymously about a profile in courage?

  8. No question that county council should instruct their solicitor to look into whether or not there are grounds for a full investigation into the actions of Mr. Stoffa as they pertain to divetrting county resources to private indiviudals for their own personal lawsuit.

    The fact that council has yet to do even that is troubling. I am disgusted that Mr, Werner, thinks McClure has a vendetta agaisnt Stoffa. I would caution Mr,. Werner that one of his responsibilities is to protect the taxpayers from inappropriate actions of the exeutive branch. He has now become a carbon copy of Dowd.

    You are right, and this counil is to concerned with going along to get along. Now on top of everything they are going to help Stoffa bankrupt Human Servise and help destroy Gracedales fundung stream with this dumb Stoffa building deal he wants to "fast tack". Remember, the last time Stoffa wanted to "ram" something through county council was the Gracedale sale. My vote in the future will be based on how these people handle this needless new building project that Stoffa is planning with his longtime pal Ken Mohr.

    Time to stop the madness and just say no to Stoffa before he does any more damage than he already has.

  9. Scott is a good man who does a great job..He has recenty tabled Stoffas plans to build that new building and it's good to see him break from Stoffa..he'll come around..Light years better than Angle..Ease up guys!!