Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year - 2013

We understand from a few comments in our last post, that because of our silence over the holiday's there has been some confusion, leading a few out there to be fooled into believing that we are possibly concerned about being sued. Please, don't be!

For those of you out there that may have experienced that concerned for us, we thank you. But really, there's no need to ever have that concern for us - let us set the record straight...

Please follow this link to a recent post that explains just how concerned we are -- not!..."Peg D Said".

We also thank the commenter who suggested a public fundraiser for our attorney fees, which we appreciate and see a a kind gesture...but also not necessary. If it ever becomes necessary it's nice to know that we have that type of support from our commUNITY.

Oh...Before we forget, the reason for our silence was simply that we felt it was appropriate for the holidays...just the right thing to do -- you know, take a break from the nonsense we have endured over the last several years.

But as we have promised, we have no plans of falling away...just being patient!

Again, THANK YOU!!!



  1. Glad to hear that. The county needs involved citizens more than ever. Mr. O'Hare has said more than once, he will get you on his court case against Tricia Mezzacappa. He is out for all your leadership and wants this blog closed down.

    Naturally some of us are concerned since we know the "dump Gracedale" movement is still alive and well, just hiding.

    This new "human servies building" plan for John Stoffa will only make things worse for Gracedale in years to come.

    Glad to hear you guys are still around.

    1. When the time comes hopefully all will stand and be counted!