Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gracedale To Make Money This Year!!!

We received great news in a report from Councilman Robert Werner this evening during the County Council meeting clearly indicating that Gracedale is on a path of true improvement which will in all likelihood have Gracedale making money this year.

And according to Ross Marcus, the census at Gracedale is strong at 610 to 615 beds filled. They have greatly shorten the admittance process to about 15 minutes.

More to come.


  1. That is great. Of course after this year when the onerous Human Services building lease kicks in, Gracedale will once again be set-up for failure.

    It is also sad that the consultants were doing this prior ro Mr.Stoffa but he fired them and ran Gracedale into the ground. It is now struggling back.

    I don't see how anyone could ever turst Stoffa or his puppet Marcus.

  2. O'hater is at it again, check out his latest attempt to destroy that poor woman.

  3. Just removed a fake comment. Stay off our site.

  4. I ask the COAF to once again help stop this reckless waste of money. All in the effort to see his name on a building. Also because it will weaken Gracedale in the future. By the way, sadly the county council may want this needless building because their names would be on it as well. Selfish. I guess we have all been fooled again.

    Let these important decsisons to the next Adfminstration.

  5. Word on the street is, in spite of Stoffa Gracedale will make it.Stoffa had Gracedale sold before the the election deposit in hand. Him and Mark Steward had to eat cake when the voters wanted to keep it. That is why no management company to September.

  6. You folks won the Gracedale thing so we have it. However, as a fsical conservative, I cannot believe the Republican memebers of county council who wanted to sell
    Gracedale because of fiscal issues, would turn around and approve this monument to wasting money.

    Throw them all out. They are worthless as pittful as Stoffa.

  7. Word on the street is, wait till Nov. and see how many are left, do you want to guess?

  8. Will any money Gracedale makes be put in the special acount thta was created? Was it really created?

  9. Uggg... he's using the horrible bobble head photo again on his blog.

  10. Folks please don't forget that this newest Stoffa scheme to lease a Human Services Bulding will put Gracedale back in jepordy.

    This is a terrible lease just on the facts alone. Over the eweekend, I spoke with a real estate attorney and he asked who was doing the builder-owner a favor. The county will pay the owner over a million dollars a year. Yet the county will pay all taxes and upgrades and improvements overe the life ofthe property. This will mean that more and more precious Human Services dollars will be needed just for the lease and associated costs. Guess who will chip in to pay if necessary, thats right Gracedale. Then the old chant to sell will start again. They are still out there and even brag about it. Never again underestimate these people.

    Unless we stop this lease and elect good people this Spring and Fall, we may end up losing it all. let us please be very careful.

    Thank you, a supporter from within.