Monday, January 7, 2013

Is It ever Right...

...To deceive?

No! Not Ever!

We understand that there may be a special circumstance which would make it reasonable to tell less than the truth, however, reasonable does not mean right, nor does it make it right.

Our County Executive John Stoffa has been less that truthful on more than one occasion INTENTIONALLY, which is a clear indicator that he cannot be trusted. And people who cannot be trusted shouldn't be in office. His deceptions were initially aimed at the taxpayers, and then at County Council. And he deceived both. It's time to deal with this matter.

This is not about creating chaos on County Council, but about correcting injustices. County Council may not want to deal with this matter, who would? But out on our behalf they must.

We recall perfectly when we attended campaign meetings where Councilman Scott Parsons told us he would bring humility and justice back to Norco. We Believed and trusted him to do so, so we voted him into office.

We recall perfectly Councilman Bob Werner expressing the same, so we trusted him too, and voted him in as well. And the same is true about Councilman Ken Kraft, and councilman Lamont McClure. The time has come to Act on your words.

We implore County Council to deal with this matter at the very earliest opportunity possible. Please fix the problem. We ask you to do so because we want to clear this matter up, and we want to continue to trust you.

But please understand that if you fail to handle this very serious matter within a reasonable time frame, then we will have to ask: how exactly can we to trust you?

It will appear to us that you have become part of John Stoffa's click. And we don't want to believe that is the case. So please, demonstrate to your electors that you can be trusted...Deal with this problem - fix it.


  1. We will see on this Human Sericves building deal. Stoffa wants to "rush" it through.
    Remeber how he had to "rush" Gracedale, fortunately for the community that was stopped.

    This plan will break the back of the real raeson for Human Services, service.


  2. Tis' clique
    and you people act

  3. Fake Father Alex has been snooping around and trying to get information back to stinky O'hare dog and his junkyard buddy Angle by hanging out with the old Gracedale crew. This won't work and we Gotcha!


  4. Agree with ANON 10:40. what is with the new county council people. After the Gracdale scheme, you would think county council would take a long look at this new Stoffa scheme to spend millions of Human Service dollars on a building. He hasn't taken care of the buildings he has. Were has all the Human serrvice rent money gone? Not spent on ther buildings that s for sure.

    Come on guys why are you going to let this guy spend more money in his last yrar because he wants legacy? A legacy that will cost the county millions of dollars for years to come.

    The new county council, is it as bad as the old county council?

  5. We just removed a post because it contained profanity...please feel free to re-post your comment without the profanity and we will allow it.

    Thank you for your understanding.