Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Where Did Our Great AMERICA...


We conclude this series with a question we have asked before, but have yet to receive a response from County Executive John Stoffa.

Is it ever right to LIE?

Please answer the question Mr. Stoffa; is it ever right to LIE?

We sincerely hope that Mr. Stoffa can discern that "We The People's" voice against him is not a personal attack, but a quest for truth.

To this date all we ask of you sir: is that you admit what we all already know--that you lied to us. Yes, we understand your shame, but we cannot extend our forgiveness to someone who doesn't ask for it. And note that before you can ask for it, you must admit your guilt!

Based on the information provided by County Controller Stephen Baron on December 6, 2012 (who by the way is the fifth representative we successfully elected to office in 2012), you cannot hide from the truth.

So what is the truth John? In the eyes of your constituents, the truth is that you turned your back on  the taxpayers when you (intentionally) decided to deceive all of us who trusted you to tell the truth.

COAF understood your poor character going back to that day in the 911 building where you lied to three members, do you remember that sir. What is sad about that event John, is that we actually felt bad for you, believing that you where being bullied by then County Council President Ron Angle, only to discover shortly after that you were not only part of the scheme, but possibly the mastermind pulling all the strings to throw out our gem Gacedale.

We understand you may feel this is all to do for nothing, but that misguided emotion would be incorrect sir - it is actually about  something extremely important to all of us...telling the TRUTH sir. The question is: can you grasp that concept?

The poor character displayed by your actions raises yet other questions, which perhaps you don't want us to ask, but we will: many other times have you deceived us? And what else have you deceived us about?

You see Mr. Stoffa, this is not now, nor has it ever been a personal attack against you sir - NO! This is about the poor choice you made to deceive.

Consider for a moment John, a husband who goes out and cheats on his wife-understanding that what he is doing is wrong. Yet, he decides to do it anyway. Can his deceptive actions be considered anything other than wrong? Is there anything he can tell his wife which will make it right? NO-absolutely nothing sir!!! Just imagine the pain and the hurt you have caused! The terrible feeling of betrayal. We're not sure you can comprehend this, but you Mr. Stoffa are that husband. You lied to your wife and were caught! There is absolutely nothing you can say except: I'm sorry for what I have done. Admit your deception, and ask for forgiveness. And then perhaps your wife will allow you to stay in the house. But failing to do so...will guarantee she will ask you to leave.

No John, this has never ever been a personal attack on you. You did what you did (deceive-you made your bed) and were caught. Now be a man and own up to it. There is no disgrace in saying: I'm sorry!

This could all be over John, with the simple words...
...I'm Sorry!


  1. He does not know how.

  2. John Stoffa is a Lance Armstrong without the biceps and the torso six-pack. Luckily for Lance, some may forgive him, just because he's smokin hot. Other liars, like John Stoffa, arent that fortunate. Dont expect any apologies or confessions from John Stoffa......he'll likely take his lies to his birdhouse coffin, and roll the dice when he waits to see if he passes through the gates of hell, or the gates of heaven. I think we know which gate will be waiting for Stoffa, and his piece of sh*t vermin pals named Ron and Bernie.

  3. You are right, it is wrong for elected officials to lie. We all know that John Stoffa lies. He should be held accoutable for his lies and actions.

    Howerver, instead of doing that, county council will rush to give him a new building without any real serious consideration. Stoffa says we need it, so county council just nods their heads and says OK.

    Remeber when John Stoffa said we needed to sell Gracedale? Remembeer how he and Angle told us our taxes would go up 30% if we didn't do what he wanted us to do. Remember how he wanted county council to rush and do a quick vote? Do we remeber history? Does county council?

    So what now? He is telling county council to hurry up nd pass his plan. He claims there is no other way to do things. Stoffa is even telling Human Servies employees to flood county council because if he does not get this building, Human Servies will never get out of the Wolf Building. A lie, since all people planning to run for executive said it is a priority.

    Should the employees or county council believe him?

    I say ask the Gracedale employees, or the CAOF. The man alwys does the same thing. He pretends that every idea, other than his, will not work and his idea must be moved on immediately.

    Now he even has the gall to have on old time friend, Ken Mohr who has been making money off the county ever since Stoff has been executive, to tell council what to do, and they are willing to do it. This has been brougjht up on the O'Hare blog but of course he deletes it covering for his pal.

    So I agree with you folks but if this county council is dumb enough to let Stoffa make a contractor rich with a long term lease for an overpriced building, what chance is there that they will ever demeand the truth from him?

    Very, very sad but True!!