Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is It A Good Idea?

Probably not!!!

Every time that County Executive John Stoffa attempts to rush anything through, claiming WE MUST HAVE THIS, it hasn't been good for the County. That's just his-story, telling us this is probably wrong.

Consider Stoffa calling this a "golden opportunity to do something terrific", but terrific for who really?

How is Stoffa (who's actions prove he can't be trusted) going to benefit from this deal. That's a question that merits an answer. Stoffa goes on to say "They don't have advocacy groups. They don't have PACs. They don't have people speaking for them,". Really? Well what about Gracedale?

Before COAF, there were no PACs either...but he was not the voice for Gracedale as he is today for this "tax bill" of a building he is going to stick the taxpayers with, was he? Can anyone truly imagine Stoffa saying "This is close to my heart,". What heart? He has never (during our involvement) demonstrated true and sincere compassion for anyone or anything unless (there was something in it for him, and,) it was something that HE wanted. 

Also consider that the Wolf Building is in the poor condition it is because  Stoffa FAILED to up-keep it, Just like he did with Gracedale. Why so: you ask? So that he can now say we need a new building, one that his friend Mr. Mohr can build for him.

What about what Ross Marcus and Kathleen Kelly had to say? What about it? We continue to be of the opinion that they are nothing more than Stoffa's puppets! And we know that because we have seen, and continue to see the strings. They will say anything that Stoffa tells them to say. Consider that during our involvement Mr. Marcus has never publically spoken a word opposing anything that Stoffa has pursued. So take their word for anything - We The People will not do.

In our opinion, what we really should be paying close attention to is what County Controller Stephen Barron is saying. Why? Because he hasn't been wrong yet! He has hit the mark with brilliant accuracy in the past, that's why We The People re-elected him. So those of you who have ambition of re-election, you should understand that. We The People we will be watching how you vote on this specific matter, and based your vote, will cast our vote in May and November accordingly...Count on it! the way -- you can also ask Ron Angle how ignoring his electors worked ourt for him!


  1. You guy's are relentlessly telling it how it is. Thank you COAF!

  2. Bernie looking sexy in that picture next to Ronald, haters can't deny it.

  3. Vry sad that such an expensive and important project is being pushd thorugh by Stoffa. Seceret meetings by a "special committee", is not open government. This is a bad idea for human servies. Over the past seven years the Admisntration has cut services and staff but lets build a building?

    The last time Stoffa demanded swift action was Gracedale. People were elcted to not allow such swift and hasty decisions again. I guess that has not worked out for the people
    In the long run this will be a blow to servies and staff. Howeve,r it will be nice for the county to buy a building for Ken Mohr's developer and name it after Stoffa. As we all learned, Stoffa said he would get his rebvenge for Gracedale. It appears he was right.

  4. Very few people think it's smart to move quickly on this..federal and state money has been drying up for Human Services. That trend will continue...Corbett is forcing the counties to cut programs and people..To rush this through now is crazy..It doesn't mean it might not be needed eventually but there are other options to look at..if Corbett keeps cutting the county will be faced with the choice of privitizing services or paying millions of dollars they dont have to make up for the lost state money..Thy need to put the brakes on this and wait till the next executive and council is elected..If this is rushed through now, they'll be less money for Gracedal and human service programs..Wake up council! Take your time on this..

  5. Bernie is all over this..Check is blog..he knows that if this building goes through, Gracedale will get screwed..That is why he is attacking anyone who opposes this plan and supporting Stoffa 100% on this matter..He knows crap about Human services and is proving it by opening his big fat mouth...Yu know if that scum sucking leach wants this, it's a bad idea...Call your councilmen and tell them to tABLE THIS AND SLOW IT DOWN...

  6. Stoffa has told emplyees if he doesn't get this project they will never have a nice workplace. What an idiot. He is a liar, we know that. His tactics are pure evil.

    He lets the Human Services buildings rot for seven years then pitches a new one becaue he "cares so much".

    By the way, can anyone tell me how much he "cared" about Gracedale.

    The guy is just an incom,petent boob and so are any county council memebers that support him.

  7. I was very impressed with Ron Heckman and even Ron Angle tonight. They both made the majority of county council appear stupid and ill informed.

  8. Actually..Thank God for Werner, Parsons, and Ferraro for putting the brakes on this...They were only being fed misinformation by the administration before last night.
    Cusick chided council for not ( listening) to the administration on this issue, saying they have all the answers they need..He was obviously wrong..They will give the same answers from now till kingdom come..That answer will be to do what they want..Angle and heckman were effective in putting out valid concerns and legitimate ones...Even though Angle, as usual, did himself an injustice with his usual union bashing schtick. heckman rightly pointed out that the state and feds will be cutting and slashing programs again this year and possibly next..Why not wait a few months until we see what they do before making this decision..They need to keep this tabled till the state budget and federal sequestration are debated..If they both cut human services and force the county to privitize more personell
    their wont be anyone to put in the building..They really need to wait and take a serious look at all the options and not put so much stock in what the building committee, who were led by their nose, had to say..

  9. Another thing Ron Heckman pointed out rightly was that most human service folks dont come to the building more than once, if at all..They are usuall serviced at their homes. If council took the time to learn this , they'd realize that the Administration hasn't been honest with them on that score> Heckman has alot of knowledge on this matter and they need to discuss the issue with him, not only with those pushing the issues and their minions..

  10. O'Hare is allowing mean personal attacks on Ron Heck,man. As we know jhe delketes persona;l attacks on his friends but O'Hare hates Heckman so all is fair.

    Ron spent most of his life helping people and hs contimnued toi do soin his retirement. I rmeeber him coming out to speak to the need for Gracedaler,.

    I guess O'Hare and jhis buddy Stoff aahte it when a smart experienced person comes forth at important times to tell "the entire truth" and not just the old Stoffa soudbites.

    I thank Ron and bleiev ehe is far moire concerned with the plight of human service consumers than Stoffa and his croonies. Remeber how Ross Marcus lied to us throughout the Gracedale ordeal. Is it any surprise he unleashes his hate campaign against Ron.