Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What Is A Liar?

Take a wild guess and then read this:

Widow Gets Nothing In Mine Case Handled By Ex-area Attorney
"The Disciplinary Board of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in January 1986 suspended O'Hare for two years for resorting to forgery and lies in the handling of a 1980 civil-rights case for a black Bethlehem Steel worker."

"O'Hare told client George Usry of Allentown he was working to get the man an $85,000 settlement. But O'Hare had already settled the case with Bethlehem Steel for $60 and forged his client's name to the settlement document, according to the findings of the Disciplinary Board."



  1. This guy is a creep.

  2. Important to note that NI has claimed on his blog that "I am a changed person since my drinking days in 1986" A changed person? A CHANGED person? His suspension by the Supreme Court had NOTHING to do with alcohol. In fact, if you read the 22 page Supreme Court transcript of the suspension, alcohol WAS NEVER BROUGHT UP ANYWHERE in the discipline hearing...NOWHERE was alcohol even discussed.

    He is a SADIST. The only cure for a SADIST is a 4 point restraint and 24 hr one-to-one in a padded cell.

  3. Folks... I did a post about Bernie's lies and what he has said about others.

    The link is:

    Please share this link with people so they can use it to reference the nasty things he says about people on his blog.

  4. He is on a rampage on his blog attacking Tricia and Atty. Otter. He and his pretend posters are just ripping them up. He talks about defamation and he calls and lets others?? call her everything mean.

    I tried to post a defense of her but he just deletes without comment anything you post.

    He seems to be coming apart at the seams. Can't make Jonny boy Stoffa too happy.