Thursday, April 26, 2012

Great Leader's LEAD!

Who wants to argue that point???

This is the absolute TRUTH, and no one...not even the insensitive nonsensical ignoramus can dispute the fact.

Every true leader in America from the beginning of our existence have demonstrated qualities that are not often seen in many of our so called leaders today.

Genuine qualities like: honesty, veracity, probity, rectitude, virtue, decency, courageous, ethical, dignity, and integrity...just to name a few. Yes - our leaders of yesterday were real leaders who understood that without a solid foundation...the house will eventually fall. So they made certain that prior to building their lives, they established a rock-solid base that could not be shaken. And so their lives were solid...standing first and foremost - on TRUTH.

Consider men like the Father of our great nation - George Washington. He was a man who stood up to the test time and time again, never whining, and never saying - Gracedale must be sold or taxes will have to go up 30% (a lie). No...he was a man of vision - never making excuses, and always seeking solutions...and he almost always sought them on his knees. The Almighty chose the Daddy of America to establish a great FREE nation under God...a nation where the people rule, and the government serves with distinguished honor. And that he did...literally combating his enemy of the day to bring TRUTH and Justice for every American citizen...then - and now. Who today can attempt to fill his shoes? Please take a step forward!

Consider also men like Lewis B. (Chesty) Puller who enlisted in the Marines Corps in 1917 and rose through the ranks to later become Lieutenant General Puller.  known as "Chesty" Puller, not only for his bull chest but also for his absolute fearlessness and devotion to duty. By the time he retired from the Corps in 1951 he had earned more awards than any Marine in history: five Navy Crosses, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star, two Legions of Merit with "V" device, the Bronze Star with "V" device, the Bronze Star, the Air Medal and the Purple Heart. "Chesty" Puller became more than a hero: he was an American Legend. His gruff, give 'em hell attitude was admired throughout the Marine Corps. His bravery and his nickname, were known to the millions of Americans on the home front. He was a man's man, a Marine' s Marine. General puller was quoted to have said "We've been looking for the enemy for some time now. We've finally found him, we're surrounded...that simplifies the problem"...Leading by example.

What leaders do we have in NorCo today? Well, let's see...can we really call men like our dishonorable County Executive John Soffa leaders? - No, not really. Let us tell you a bit about our deplorable so called leader - he went to Gracedle seeking a second term, expressing to the employees and residents alike, that a vote for him was a vote for Gracedale, and after he was elected by way of Gracedale...he turned his back on on the very people that trusted him with their vote. Instead of providing for the safety and well being of Gracedale, he fought endlessly to sell Gracedale. While he battled the very people he was supposed to be serving, he allowed the SWAPTION, once under $9 million dollars to swell to a whopping $25+ million dollars before he's time to get out. Over the last year alone, and dealing with the swaption alone, he cost the tax payers over $15+ million dollars. Money that could have been better used to sustain Gracedale for at least several years. He sat with his constituents at the 911 building to discuss the Gracedale sale matter...only to discover later, he lied to their faces. And on we can go...but we won't.

Whom ever replaces this contemptible excuse of a leader MUST comprehend going in, that We The People will be watching from our watch towers...and at the first sign of dereliction - we will intervene, just as we are considering interceding with Mr. Stoffa - who still MUST answer for the all know by now which email we're speaking to. He MUST stand up like any real man would...and answer for his deception - of We The People!
We're Not Going Away!


  1. Does anyone know who on CC is up for re-elect?

  2. Ferraro, Cusick, Thiery, Gilbert and Dietrich. I see Gilbert and Thiery as definity gone. Maybe even Dietrich and Cusick. What do you think.?

  3. Gilbert and Thiery DEFINATELY!

  4. I hope at least one knowledgeable person gets on. We need someone who can call these people on the bs they throw around on Gracedale and those sorts of things. All to often these people on council sit around nodding there heads not understanding what the was going on.

    I know I won't vote for an Executive Or county council member who supports any of Stoffa's cabinet members, especially that idiot Marcus. The fact he has been in charge of human services for this long is a sin.