Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What Are We?...

...Advocates of TRUTH & JUSTICE!

While we are not here to defend Tricia Mezzacappa (she can do that very well herself), we are here to shed light on the TRUTH about Bernie O'Hare III.

He says in his "Brace Yourself For a New Wicked Witch of West Easton Story" that "I usually stay out of West Easton"  - "it's too dangerous for me" implying that Ms. Mezzaccapa puts fear in his heart. Really?  

In our opinion, anyone who is cognizant of this nonsensical individual knows that he lacks any righteous morals or civil values, and he in fact is the dangerous foe to society.

Men of true stature and solid character never ever abuse women, or anyone else for that matter...mentally or physically, regardless of the circumstances. But that does not hold true for the noxious O'Hare who has a reputation of mixing with the ousted councilman and our sitting Executive to bring havoc and harm to anyone who stands up to them.

COAF has already exposed so much malfeasance on the part of O'Hare and his crew. And because we have witnessed first hand, as well as have been subject to the arrogance, intimidation, and bullying tactics used by O'Hare & crew...we are of the opinion that Tricia is speaking TRUTH. And unless evidence to the contrary is produced, we will enter the ring in her corner.

We are confident that Ms. Mezzacappa has been prepared by these malicious acts to go into court and tell the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH...and as these misfits have discovered in the recent past...the truth always prevails over the sinister abuses of our legal system by malefactors like O'Hare who pleasures himself by traumatizing women.

Shame on you O'Hare...and anyone who associates with you!



  1. Just will prevail alright. And when it does, good reverend, you better be right down the middle. A good and rightly formed moral conscience is calling. A higher calling you should be answering to.

  2. I will put this in clean terms because I know that if I use the terms that I would prefer to use you will deleted it. here goes

    Thats all BO can do is mess with women, we know that cause he has none. Let him mess with a man and he will see the stars in the sky.

  3. Word on the street is, bo=COWARD.

  4. As a member of COAF, I have witnessed the nastiness and attempted intimidation of this so called,"AGENT OF NORTHAMPTON COUNTY",God forbid.
    His current problem is that he can no longer intimidate,and he is looking ridiculous.
    With once a fine mind, he ought to back off, quiet down,and re-think his life's goals.He may ,however, be too set in his evil ways to make any kind of meaningful intellectual change.
    Perhaps,the REV. can help him in this noble venture.

  5. Tricia should have a lawyer with her at a deposition. O'Hare will try and bully. The judge will stop some of it but she needs a skilled person to help her. This is mostly a 'he said she said' case. If she sticks to her story she will be fine.

    This is a mean spirited attack becasue she embarresed him. Next he will go for the COAF but that will be much harder and may lead to a big problem for Stoffa.

    He is the definition of a bully. You are right about him. You notice not many women stay around him too long. Maybe that is why he hangs out with children.

  6. The vile POS was observed outside the courthouse as I was exiting with attorney Otter. We spent most of the afternoon there.

    I have taken enough and as of Monday night will take no more. The entire story will come out in a courtroom, piece by piece, one disgusting horrible FACT at a time. The truth will be told and the truth will prevail.

    I cant post anything else , as it is not appropriate for a blog forum. I know the difference, but O'Hare doesnt and just doesnt know when to stop.

    Thank you all for all of your support, as there will be a whole lot more coming in the near future. He picked the fight, and I will fight, if its the last thing I do. He has to be stopped and he is on his way. Justice will prevail and he will be stopped.

    Thank the lord for giving me the strenghth to endure the most horrible nightmare of my life, which will have to be repeated in open court.

    Earl is alive...another reason to be thankful that God is on my side. The sadistic woman and animal basher is soon to regret all that he has done.

    1. That's the way to go Trisha Jennifer Mezzacappa - take it to court and "let the truth prevail". Then everyone will see who really is telling the truth and who is not!

  7. Way to go Trish. Stand up tell your story where it matters, in court. He has to be crapping his pants right about now. And when justice prevails there may be some other actions he will have to deal with.

    Unless we all stand and say NO MORE, he will continue to abuse everyone he pleases. This moranic behavior has to be stopped.

  8. What is happening Monday night?

  9. Hey Trish did u file? Please tell me you did :-)

  10. All I can say is that the ball has been set into motion for this most Vile POS to be stopped.

    One question remains to be answered. How did a police report fall into the hands of the prime suspect within 24 hours of the incident?

  11. Word on the street is, bo sent an E-Mail to the court administrator saying Angle does not know how to turn a computer on. Than sends 5 E-MAILS to Angle, who is lying?

  12. Can someone tell me why I should vote for Tricia Mezzacappa as a Republican Committee member? Will anyone of you, with your real names, endorse her? Or better yet, can she tell me why I should vote for her over the other candidates? Thank you. (a registered Republican voter in the district)

  13. For those of you wondering, yes we find it necessary for the first time since we have been up, to moderate the comments because we refuse to allow Ohare to post comments on this blog when he won't allow our comments on his - it has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else. When BO stops bringing his trash to this site, we may lift the moderation feature. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but rest assured that all post that are not BO will be posted.

  14. My COAF friends you are right to moderate. O'Hare is indeed deleting, without comment, all comments that do not make fun of Tricia or COAF.

    Keep up the good fight and be prepared for his dirty tricks.

    Remember, he is not alone. Angle and Stoffa are still lurking in the shadows.

    God Bless. I saw an old friend and public Gracedale defender from the early diner meetings and he wishes you all well.

  15. Word on the street is, post 5:59, if you someones name yet you post ANONYMOUS coward.