Monday, April 30, 2012

Must Be Doing Something Right...

...To be selected by the Israeli government, at no cost to the tax-payers, to attend the International Mayors Conference from May 4 to 11, is an indicator that perhaps - they are doing something correct.

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  1. Its interesting to note that the NI has posted so many lies about the Allentown arena, the Mayor of Allentown, the lawsuits, misquoting the governor, not naming his sources, starting rumors...etc....

    Does anyone see the link here? Its good old Abe Atiyeh, Angles good pal, and the recipient of a sweet county lease for the West Easton treatment center. O'Hare told me Angle and Abe are great pals, and go to one anothers houses, hang out, and pal around.

    Another interesting fact ...remember the incessent blogging about the Allentown Police Taser incident? Guess who the Plaintiff's attorney is, who who suing Allentown, its police force, etc for civil rights and police brutality?

    its Richard J. Orloski folks. Can anyone connect the dots here? can anyone see the obvious fact that the NI mouthpiece is carrying out an agenda for Atiyeh and Orloski?

  2. People please say a prayer for Trish. We may not all get along with her but we know what it is like to be a victim of the O'hare hate machine. O'Hare has posted another hate topic about her. He is deleting all posts that question his motives and logic. He is even deleting posts wishing Trish well.

    Of course he is allowing Angle and other haters to post all kinds of vile and vicious comments.

    We all know how Ron Angle treats women and apparently now Mr. O'Hare has made it clear that beating up on women is his manly passion as well.

    Good Luck Trish and Gods Bless!

  3. Thanks folks. O'Hare attorney Richard J. Orloski has refused to give me an extension to file a response to his 65 page complaint. Who does this? How rude! 20 days is the deadline and it comes up really fast.

    No one promised me in life that I get everything that I win some battles and lose others. Thats life.

    O'Hare mistakenly thinks I've had an awful week, full of defeats, and chose to sensationalize them to harass me some more. My week wasnt as bad as he thought. I am grateful for name recognition on a District wide ballot, garnering almost 3,000 votes. I am grateful that West Easton voters supported me in my hometown.

    I am grateful to the police who have advised me how to handle a one Mr. O'Hare.

    There's much more to the West Easton court matters that I will not discuss on this blog, and that O'hare doesnt know about because its not public information. He just makes irrational assumptions as usual, using his blog as a missle to spew hate.

    He thinks he is completely innocent, and a victim, so we'll see what happens on judgement day.

    Thanks again for your support and prayers.

  4. Trish, just tell the judge the truth, O'Hare is an angry ex-suitor. You have not done or said anything that hasn't been said before.

    An example is his "grandson". The fact is, the boy is not his grandson. No relation at all. Whether the boys mother wants him to associate with O"hare is her call not yours. Maybe as the boy gets older he doesn't want O'Hare around him? He likes to blame others for his own shortcomings. The guy films unrelated young boys playing sports, that is the truth, what people conclude from that is up to them.

    Stay calm and focused. He is just evil.

  5. Poor poor ppor defamed Bernie...he gets to go on national TV about the NIZ. He complains Trish interfered in his business relationships and ruined his reputation

    Poor poor poor defamed Bernie now has to explain how he was harmed when getting all of this attention, media blog awards and an appearnce on Business Matters.

    fact is, he has no case at all. seems like his reputation even went up a few notches.

    what a hypocrite crying baby he is