Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Asbestos Is Being Addressed

We won't say it's about time...simply that it's good to hear that the asbestos issues are being addressed.

The ET reported yesterday that "Northampton County has begun the cleanup of its courthouse law library, 11 months after the Environmental Protection Agency was notified about asbestos in it and other county-owned locations."

"The law library is the third location owned by the county to undergo asbestos remediation in the last few months. Portions of Gracedale's basement were reopened last week after more than a month of cleanup, and a storage area in the courthouse's basement is being scrubbed for asbestos as well."

Read the full story/report:


  1. Better late than never. Let's just hope and pray that no one will suffer any harm from the delays.

  2. The health and safety of people in the county has never been a top priority of John Stoffa. He is more into buying needless buildings and impressing the ladies.