Saturday, April 7, 2012

Make No Mistake About It...

...The Ten Commandments Belong To God

Late yesterday afternoon WFMZ published an article/report that the TEN Commandments "went missing" from County Council Chamber. Stolen should have been the appropriate report because "went missing" kind of implies that the plaque containing the historic context walked off the wall, and then like an episode from Vanished...disappeared!

Angle is reported to be in an uproar saying "Somebody stole my Ten Commandments, and it's definitely not Moses. I checked into it," said former Commissioner (we think they meant councilman) Ron Angle, who put up the plaque in 2002...Oh, wait a minute...history has taught us that the TEN COMMANDMENTS belong to God, so why is Ron saying they belong to him? He may own the plaque but certainly not the Commandments...just an observation.

The report commenced by saying that: "The Northampton Co. Courthouse in Easton was shrouded in mystery on Good Friday. Officials are trying to figure out what happened to the plaque of the Ten Commandments". Common mystery - we all know there are three possible culprits. All the officials have to do is look at the video right...YES, the video. WRONG - all three culprits know when the film is rolling and when it's not.

Ron went on to say "If you take a look at the laws of this county and this state and this country, you will find probably 90% of the laws are predicated on the Ten Commandments," - for the first time we almost agreed with him...not so fast - however, after some consideration we concluded he is wrong again, in all reality all governing laws are predicated on God's moral laws which include, but are not limited to the Ten Commandments.

Interestingly he was also quoted to have said "I think they have slapped in the face every Christian in the county, in my opinion," speaking of the person who actually STOLE the plaque - but he failed to define "slap" to be PERSECUTION. And he also neglected to tell the reporter how he himself PERSECUTES every Christian in the county when he PERSECUTES our spokesperson.

Ron has offered a whopping $1,500.00 from his millions to catch himself...uh, we mean the culprit.

And really amusing was this quote - "I will get the person who has stolen those no matter what it takes. That's my opinion," said Angle. "You offer enough money and somebody will come forward and rat out somebody else."

HMMM...really - I guess we should shell out some cheese too, so that maybe we can catch the three blind rats...ohps, we mean mice.

Lastly the report said that "Angle is hopeful his offer of cash will produce a miracle." Well, no it won't...because money never produces miracles, only God does!

Now folks, not for nothing but the question begs to be you think possibly Angle himself might have removed the plaque to get his name back in the paper? Hmmm, possibly...yes very possible.

Link to WFMZ Article

WAKE UP NI!!! - you were just dreaming - WE'RE BAAACK ;-)


  1. Angle will do anything to keep his worthless name in the media. Shame on the media for even playing along with his self serving nonsense.

    He wonders why other people lost confidence in him. He is a buffoon and losing all sense of reality in his crazy little ego driven world.

  2. Hmm.Anonymous.You are right.He is losing all sense.

  3. Losing? Better said, he's has lost all his marbles!

  4. Word on the street is, Angle was at the Mar. 15 counsel meeting and so was the plaque on the wall. The Mar. 26 meeting it is missing. does this make someone wounder?

  5. I was thinking the same thing...a rouse, and anything for press. Sad.

  6. Caveat: casting the first stone here. However, has Ron violated any of the Commandments ?

  7. Ron and every human on earth has at one time or another violated the commandments, that's why we need The Christ for salvation. No one can every say they have stayed on target, in fact we always fall short of it. Thank you Jesus for giving us a path back to the Heavenly Father.

  8. Has anyone noticed that the Express times has not picked up on this story. Can Angle be losing his pull with that paper? Makes one wounder.

  9. Thank you Express Times for not covering such nonsense for Angle it is about time. Yes the plaque was there on March 15th when Angle attended the CC meeting after that it was gone ?? I wonder wonder whoooo took the the book of love? E T I just mite subscribe to your paper since I stopped th M C because of there partiality.

  10. O'Hare has an entry about it but don't bother commenting. He is deleting anything that tells people the truth. We all are pretty sure who the media whore is that took those commandments.

    Some say God really did take them, as he had enough of being associated=ted with Ron Angle. Hard to say but O'Hare is once again on his censorship pony, no discussion allowed.

    He is playing pity party for Ron Angle and saying he will sue everyone. Now he even hates the sheriff deputies.

    As of now, according to the hate blog nothing in the county is Stoffa's fault. Every problem the county has is either Glenn Reibmans fault, county councils fault, the unions fault or the peoples fault. Seriously, that is is claim. Even after seven years. If you try to comment on how crazy he sounds he immediately deletes it.

    The three clowns are still the kings of krazy!

  11. I read his post. Isn't it blasphemy?

  12. O'Hare claims no one is funny unless they are praising Angle and Stoffa. He feels Gracedale supporters have no sense of humor. No one looks at O'Hare and thinks of intelligent humor. They look at him and laugh but it has nothing to do with his humor.

  13. Word on the street is, it must be lonely at the courthouse with only two of the county goons left.

  14. I heard the GRACEDALE GOONS are ready to do battle is bo? Time will tell.