Sunday, April 22, 2012

Who Really Cares...

...what the Erie County Exec calls county own nursing homes?

The nonsensical ignoramus and just a few others are the only ones who appear to care.

They seem however, to miss the point that the county voted 3 out of 4 to keep Gracedale right where it county hands. Yes, 3 out of 4 represents 75% of our county populace, an overwhelming majority ladies and gentlemen, and yet the few want to tell the many that the many are wrong, and that the many don't really know what they want.

Understand that when 3 out of 4 voted to keep Gracedale in county hands, they did so in spite of tax increase threats of 20 to 30%, which as history clearly revealed to us - never happened. But the fact remains that when they voted no one knew for certain what would happen - yet We The People chose to keep Gracedale in county hands anyway.

We know exactly what we want, and we don't need 2 or 3 selfish bullies trying to convince us otherwise.


  1. The politicians involved have been elected to SERVE the people and the final vote.
    In the good 'ole US of A,the people must now keep a watchful eye. Our officials are serving us not their own self interests.
    Be Vigilant!

  2. Yes - we must stay watchful like the watchmen of the towers. ALLWAYS WATCHING!

  3. I am worried that the two most prominent contenders for County Executive don't have a clue about Gracedale. I doubt Callahan even knows were it is.

  4. he is surprisingly familiar with it.

  5. Why not ask him?