Monday, April 23, 2012

Who's Running Toward NCE?

Well, the Express Times reported on Sunday, April 22, 2012, that there are a number of possible candidates considering running toward - and for the Northampton County Executive elected position.

Who is right for the position? Hmmm...not sure - what We The People know is that whoever decides to actually pursue the position and acquires it, he/she MUST be aware that We The People will hold him/her accountable. Any performance less than in the interest of the people will result in a confrontation with their boss - We The People.

How do we feel about some of these candidates - well, we're not there yet. However, we are watching and listening. We will possibly take a position on a candidate for this position when the time arrives. One thing is for sure...whom ever we decide to stand by MUST certainly be prepared to make Gracedale work.

For your general information - the following are named as possible candidates:

Bethelehem Mayor - John Callahan (D)
Easton Mayor - Sal Panto (D)
Former State Rep. - Rich Grucela (just a possibility) (D)
County Councilman - Lamont McClure (D)
County Councilman - John Cusick (R)

Incumbent - John Stoffa (D) - Wisely has expressed that he will not seek re-election...if he did, we would certainly work hard to insure his derailment.

We will refrain from endorsing any of these Honorable men at this point in time...but rest assured, we will at the appropriate time reveal our choice.


  1. It is interesting that they purposely left out the name of former county councilman and Human Services Director Ron Heckman. I wonder who made sure that happened?

    I find it interesting that one of the most vocal individuals about the future need of Gracedale was not mentioned by the Easton Express. Am I surprised? No.

    The Easton Express has always been a mouthpiece for the Stoffa agenda.

  2. Is Ron Heckman considering a go at it?

  3. Yes he is. He has talked about it to a few people because he is upset at how the county has veered off course and has no real planning. However, I understand his mother is very ill and he is currently taking care of her.

    O'Hare is already taking cheap shots at him on his hate blog. Ron felt the entire story of Gracedale was not told by Stoffa and company and showed up at meetings to give county council other facts to consider. At one meeting in Palmer, Ron Angle attacked him. Ron still got the hired law firm to admit they never had to litigate one of their "special" contracts.

    I am not sure if Ron has decided one way or the other but if he runs I am sure it will be his decision and not about whether Panto or Callahan run or if O'Hare already has a candidate.

    Rumor has it a top Callahan politico has already talked to O'Hare about support.

  4. Finally the Right Ron. I have a family full of votes for you.

    Go Ron!

  5. Both the Panto and Callahan camps are taking shots at him. They beleive big money will make the difference. I think next year could be a very interesting election with a few surprises for the "experts".

  6. Ron's a great guy, but I assure you Callahan, and his people, are NOT taking shots at him.