Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How Do We Bring Change...

Simple...We must all get involved!

It's so easy to rant and rave, and cry about everything that we see as wrong...but if we're not willing to get involved - who exactly should we blame? Hmmm.

Regardless of what the few may try to lead the many to believe, we can bring positive change to any community by getting involved. As we have recently witnessed in NorCo, a few honest and dedicated individuals coming together to address legitimate concerns can - by perseverance, make a difference that leads to positive change.

What most of us don't realize is that we all matter. And one person can in fact bring about necessary change if the cause is worthwhile, and the effort sincere. Yes indeed, one person can inspire the masses to effect any change required.

COAF has been called many things...lets see - "misfits, rebels, demagogue, etc.", and just because we see things through different glasses we have been slanted and painted out to be troublemakers, among other things - but are we really? Absolutely not!

Consider that before we formed as a "committee" - as individuals we turned to the system seeking resolution to what we visioned to be real concerns, only to be overlooked and neglected. The system believed that by merely ignoring us we would eventually go away - well that was poor planning on their part because instead we formed and mobilized to effect the changes we have witnessed in recent history.

And when thier plan failed they vilified us, literally defaming us with smear and slander, all the while seeking a negative response from us that would bring us down...but that expectation fell short as well.

What the system in fact witnessed in action was the UNITY in the word Community rise to the level of 23k+...they said WOW, and then they made us out to be "crazy". They observed us as a bunch of loose nuts running amok...but the masses viewed us differently, they saw genius...understanding that people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world...are the ones that can, and usually do.

The moral of the story - We have some very important elections coming up, and yes you too can make a difference...

...Get out and VOTE!!!


  1. Points well taken. If people fail to exercise their right to vote and bring about the change they want then they also forfeit the right to complain.

  2. There is strength in unity. Fight for what think is right.

  3. Amen, could not agree more.