Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tricia Mezzacappa Sues Bernie O'Hare

In a turn of events, Tricia Mezzacappa has finally filed a suit against Bernard Ohare III.

O'Hare who threaten and threaten to file against Mezzacappa does not have to threaten anymore, his wish has come true. And who knows what near future holds for him...possibly more suits coming by way of other people he has defamed!


Published: Thursday, April 12, 2012, 5:15 AM
By Tom Shortell | The Express-Times
"Former West Easton council candidate Tricia Mezzacappa has filed a lawsuit against local blogger Bernie O'Hare, claiming he attempted to sexually assault her, broke into her home and fed rat poison to her pot-bellied pig.

In a suit filed in Northampton County Court Wednesday, Mezzacappa's attorney
Lawrence Otter asked a judge to prevent O'Hare from stalking and harassing his client. O'Hare has repeatedly bullied Mezzacappa and sullied her good name in his Lehigh Valley Ramblings blog, the suit claims.

The suit seeks a restraining order against O'Hare.

In an email and phone interview Wednesday, O'Hare said the claims have no merit and pointed to the lack of criminal charges as proof.
All of this stemmed from an attempted sexual assault by O'Hare against Mezzacappa on Aug. 26 at her home in West Easton, according to the suit. The suit claims O'Hare exposed himself, and she forced him out of the house. The suit goes on to claim O'Hare has harassed and cyber-stalked Mezzacappa ever since, and alleges he twice broke into her home to steal documents and her wallet.

In the last week, Otter alleges in the suit, O'Hare, of Nazareth, fed rat poison to Mezzacappa's pet pot-bellied pig and left a note on her door reading, "DEAD PIGS MAKE GOOD HAM" and more rat poison pellets. The pig survived, Otter said in an interview Wednesday.

"The defendant's behavior has gone from vitriolic screeds on his blog to crossing the line to a physical attack on the plaintiff's home and pet," the suit reads.
No criminal charges have been filed against O'Hare, but Mezzacappa claimed Easton police blew her off in one instance.

Mezzacappa is a frequent topic of O'Hare's blog, where he usually refers to her in headlines as the "Wicked Witch of West Easton" or WWWE.

Since April 1, she has been the main subject of four posts, which depict her as a racist, a liar and a Republican who voted for Obama. In two of the posts, which were written before the suit was filed, O'Hare said he is considering legal action against Mezzacappa. One post, which included a picture of the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz, was included in the body of the lawsuit.

O'Hare said he has spoken to an attorney about Mezzacappa's defamation of his character. In the meantime, he said he will not back off in his posts about Mezzacappa, whom he called seriously troubled.

"Absolutely not. If anything, there will be more posts about this situation," he said. "I have an obligation to inform the public about people like that who are running for office."

O'Hare also noted his bad history with Otter, who sued O'Hare and former Councilman Ron Angle to get them to pay legal bills tied to the Gracedale referendum. Otter's attempts have repeatedly been denied in court.

"He claims to be an election law expert, but I consider him an expert in frivolous lawsuits," O'Hare said.

Otter denied any connection between the two cases and quoted Michael Corleone, the fictional Mafia boss of the Godfather movies.

"It's nothing personal. It's strictly business," Otter said."


  1. Word on the street is, hey johnie boy you paid for him to try and stop the people from voting on the sale of GRACEDALE. This will realy help your image. Four law suits and you lost every one, all paid for with county money two by private individuals, two by you, one as a private individual. All on the county dime,do you feel the heat yet Johnie boy?

  2. Word on the street is, comments are being deleted on Leigh Vally Live, makes one wounder who posted them, flyfisher only postes on the article about Angle and bo, makes you wounder why.

  3. Word on the street is, when did bo picture apear on the article it was not there at 7:45 AM. Why was it put on later?

  4. Bernie O'Hare has become the main reporter for the Bethlehem, Press. Any of you who live in the Bethlehem area are free to contact the Bethlehem Press and tell them what you think of their choice of reporters..

    It is a freedom we have, especially since some of us "use" to buy the paper.

    I for one judge the validity of their accounts by the character of their reporting staff.

  5. Now that bo has a job he can pay back some of the money he owes from the judgements.

  6. Thanks for the information. I contacted the Bethlehem Press with my opinion of their reporter.

  7. Appears as if BO finally won one. Mezzacappa lost. Express-Times reporting it.

  8. The Easton Express is reporting this case has been tossed. For not filing properly and confussion as to why no monetary request was made. The paper actually gives a report on the "fued" these people are having and refers to The Wicked Witch moniker Tricia has been saddled with. Attorney Otter plans to refile in a different manner.
    This is Ted Baxter reporting.

  9. O'Hare is cackling away on his hate blog. The shame is that Mr. Orloski, a decent man, is willing to represent someone who is clearly the bully and has maligned many innocent people.

    I use to respect Atty. Orloski. What is sad is the extreme right wingers that hate Gracedale and want it sold and workers kicked out of jobs, use to always attack Mr. Orloski because he is an advocate for the little guy. Yet here they love him because he is helping Bernie O'Hare.

    The sad thing is O'Hare is no victim but a mean individual who has attacked and defamed anyone who disagreed with him, Stoffa or Angle.

    I wonder if Angle is picking up the lawyer's bill?

  10. WFMZ web only news states that comments made by Mezzacappa on this site are part of his lawsuit against her. Comments relating to hidden income and others of a sexual nature.

  11. O'Hare has posted his lawsuit announcement. It is sad that a man who has maligned so many over the years is now portrayed as a victim. Atty. Orloski is a good man, I am surprised he would take this case. I don't know if he is aware of what O'Hare is. One must think that Angle is fianancing the bill.

    Our taxes will be used to finance the courts to be used as a vindictive weapon by this man. God, how did Northampton County government go so bad so fast?

    We are all doomed.

  12. yeah, and your spelling and syntax suck.