Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Surprised, Surprised, Surprised.


Speaking on the election results today, the NI stated "I am."
Why exactly is he surprised? Haven't We The People explained to him, as well as others in NorCo that we are watching, and that we will remove those that we no longer see fit to SERVE us? Well, that's right...we forgot, he's a bit arrogant and doesn't get it - that We The People are in control.
Listen to this genius - "You could say this is a swing to the left, but I think something else is going on."
No kidding...We The People are what's going on silly - get it now?

 A surprised Tim Holdren - not really sure why he lost.

"Although I find myself more in agreement with Holden"
Well, that's probably why Tim lost, because NI associated himself with Holdren. And how can the NI plan on helping Cartwright when the following statement may actually sink his ship:

"I really admired the passion and fire in Cartwright, and even gave him my vote. He earned it. He answered every email. I did not have to beg him for news releases."

Our advice to Matt is RUN...get as far away as possible from the wanna-be.

"Rick is quieter than Matt Cartwright, but cut from the same cloth. Five minutes with him, and you'll realize tha he's an idealist, too."

In our opinion, Rick probably is not really quieter than Matt, he is just aware that around the NI it is better to say less because the probability is that hiding behind the skirt of Freedom of Speech...NI will twist Rick's words. So it would be wise for him to RUN too.
Lastly NI say's - "What's your take?"
Hmmm...what exactly does that mean? Let's see...could it be he is asking how much someone is making for providing some benefit...Hmmm - interesting. That leads us to wonder...what's his take?


  1. Good Post. I think the "professional" politicians don't realize that more and more people are watching.

    This is a good sign for our own Northampton county. The big boys think they can just mumble some nonsense, while they carve up the spoils in their back rooms. They will be in for a surprise.

    Matt spoke about the need for people to matter. Unlike the evil ones, we agree that people matter. They will matter even more next year when the voice of the people is heard loud and clear.

  2. Next year there a few candidates who think just because they have a fat checkbook, they are in. I hope the people are watching, because the county is in trouble and we can't afford to sell it to the highest bidder.