Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wanna-be Reporter???

All of our local papers, and all of the folks out there who have given the nonsensical ignoramus the encouragement that has led him to believe in his twisted mind that he is a reporter, should seriously look in the mirror.

Recently - supposedly, the Mcall gave this ignorant individual an award for begging people on his blog - PLEEEAS vote for me!!!

The disgrace comes in his post today "Does The Morning Call Care About the First Amendment?" where he states: "Regular readers of this blog know that I make creative use of pictures. It's completely unfair, but it's what I do."

"It's completely unfair, but its what I do"??? - he openly admits that he is unfair in his behavior towards others - but that's okay because he doesn't care...he does it anyway.

He goes on to criticize Mcall:
"It's obviously intended to portray the developer as an idiot. Unlike me, I thought newspapers were supposed to be fair and unbiased and all that crap."

Can you believe this guy - by his own admission he isn't fair but he expects fairness of others, and we all know he is as biased as biased can be. And as for the latter remark, that's what seems to continuously flow from his mouth.

Then his greatest denouncement of Mcall comes when he writes: "I would think a newspaper would be a little more concerned about a public official using strong arm tactics against an individual who is merely exercising his First Amendment rights."

WHAT!!! Why would he believe that the newspapers should be concerned about public officials who strong arm We The People, isn't that a tactic his buddy the ousted councilman used for so many years on CC? In our opinion it is - and the media dismissed it then saying "that's just who he is"...as if that excused his conduct. So really...why would he think that they should be concerned about something that they have never been concern about before?

His last dispraise of Mcall deals with a FREEDOM that should never be taken for granted: "After all, those rights include Freedom of the Press." and "Gee, I remember when newspapers actually cared about the First Amendment."

Anyone who reads these truths will find it easy to agree with our opinion that he is demented. What is truly sad is that anyone who encourages his behavior to benefit themselves are just as responsible as he is.

No...we're not defending Mcall...on the contrary, we believe you reap what you sow - and they are simply receiving what the deserve from this wanna-be...because they all think this is amusing - perhaps morning call will give him another award for this priceless piece of wisdom...they deserve each other...don't they?


  1. Well written. He is indeed a hypocrite and has often been called the "King of the Hypocrites", even by people he thinks like him.

    It is amazing the Bethlehem press employs this man to report on issues, particularly in Northampton county. He cannot be unbiased and admits it. I stopped my Bethlehem Press buying when I saw his name as a reporter.

    He is still on his blog admonishing Allentown for filing a "frivolous suit" against Abe Atiyeh. O'Hare use to go after Atiyeh but now that he is part of the Stoffa gravy train, he loves the guy. O'Hare forgets the frivolous suits he and Angle continue to file. He praised Stoffa's SLAPP" suit against the COAF.

    He is the definition of hypocrite and downright awful person. Saving his soul would be a full time profession.

  2. I find it disturbing, to say the least, that he is even using the word SLAPP suit to condemn the Mayor of Allentown, in light of his SLAPP suit against yours truly.

    His blog can only be described as a panoramic, proverbial vortex of defamation, aimed at many many people.

    A true bully is one who can dish it out, but surely, cant take it. very sad.