Friday, April 20, 2012

Once Honorable

Yes indeed....Politics was at one point in time an honorable, respectable, and honest profession. During that time we all had TRUST in our elected officials, those were the good old days. However, just as the world has changed since moving away from the Almighty, so has the political game...and that to many, is just what the world of politics is today - a GAME. 

A matter of trust!

All who enter the political arena with such childish worldviews believe that they must win the game no matter the cost...NO MATTER THE COST! Which in so many cases means that they will do what ever they have to do...Yes in deed - WHATEVER THEY HAVE TO win the game.

Sadly today, politicians like our County Executive John Stoffa, (who by the way really did not look well last night walking around on crutches) have managed to manipulate the system using nonsensical individuals to do their dirty work. In their mind's eye they believe that because they have not soiled their own hands, they are not responsible...sad because that's so far from the truth.

And the TRUTH is that they will by the wrath of God, eventually pay for their misdeeds, as we all will! Especially those of us who do not seek and accept His Grace instead.

In the case of our LESS than honorable County Executive, he will eventually have to answer to his bosses right here in the County of Northampton - We The People. Surprisingly, before last nights County Council meeting, there was a ceremony which presented the Constitutional TRUTH that the governing are accountable to the ironic.

Above all misdeeds, the County Executive will soon have to answer to We The People about that email that recently know, the one that offers clear evidence that he is in fact knowledgeable about accounts and events that he  publicly denied - Yes, that's the one.

Even more ironic, the very nonsensical source he utilized in his failed attempt to destroy our beloved Gracedale,  was the very source out to destroy him yesterday. Yes. Mr. Stoffa was being hurled at warped speed, under not just a bus, but also under some very heavy Big-MACK trucks...and you could literally see the strain on his face...painful it appeared.

Mr. Stoffa's close confidant had this to say about his patron:
"Yesterday, when LVEDC voted to endorse the Neighborhood Improvement Zone, three of our so-called local leaders were conspicuously MIA, unwilling to stake out a position. Lehigh County Exec Don Cunningham, Easton Mayor Sal Panto and Northampton County Exec John Stoffa all took a powder.

In fact, at yesterday's Finance Committee hearing in Northampton County, Executive John Stoffa asked Council to tell him his position.

And you thought he was your friend - really? It seems that you really can't trust him, and perhaps that's because he really doesn't trust you! And worst yet - he doesn't care about you. It's called dirty politics Mr. Stoffa, tactics that perhaps he and others have learned from you.

Now - the question that begs to be asked is: How in good conscience can We The People TRUST you today Mr. Stoffa? - can you sir, please answer the question?

Just an opinion!


  1. Very good post!

  2. Hockey, hockey hockey....anyone watching the game tonight?

    BTW, great post. Stand tall. Have no fear, Orloski's a queer.

  3. We just removed a comment from WEFP that we consider inapropiate for our youth to read - please re-phrase and we will allow it. Thanks.

  4. Hi Folks,
    Bernie is threatening to sue the world and everyone in it for damages to his reputation, and lack of advertising on his blog. Have you ever heard of a bigger joke? I have been sued but not offocially served, and am waiting patiently for Mr. Orloski to make good on his threat of a $1,000,000 judgement.

    His lawsuit is totally frivilous and without merit, and an attempt to silence my First Amendment rights to free speech. Stand tall, none of you have anything to worry about at all. Anyone can sue anyone, and thats the truth, but anyone can get tossed out of court in a NY minute. He said/She said....and what is the measure of credibility. ? Disbarrment order from Supreme Court.

    1. Its ok T let him sue. he will sooner or later trip they all do because they become so arrogant that they beleive they cant be touch but look at what happended to angle

  5. O'Hare is attacking Ron Heckman because he supported keeping Gracedale. he was one of the few knowledgable speakers and now O'Hare is going after him. He claims if Ron were to run for Executive he could be "controlled" by the COAF. I guess he doesn't know Mr. Heckman very well. In my dealings with him he was pretty honest about things, even if I didn't agree with him.

    When O'Hare feels he is losing he immediately goes on the attack. Sad that a decent man like Mr. Heckman is his target.

  6. Word on the street is, bo meant was that he and Angle will lose control in Northampton County.

  7. Amen, it is about time. I want a countdown clock on Stoffa's time in office. As well as his bobblehead county council rubber stamps.