Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Day Of Reckoning

would like to set the record straight this day, and if necessary, extend a humble apology (with several exceptions of course, and they know who they are) to anyone whom this blog may have unintentionally offended while carrying out our life long mission of SAVING GRACEDALE.

First and foremost, it is important to comprehend that it has never ever been our intent to offend anyone, but to give back to The People of NorCo the courage and fortitude they yearned for to stand up firmly and say: enough means ENOUGH!

As all who follow this blog are aware, over the past twelve years or so in NorCo - specifically the Slate Belt, a political miscreant - a microscopic percent of the commUNITY felt it was his duty to instill fear into the hearts of the very commUNITY that he was supposed to serve. And for the better part of those twelve years, it was good for him - until of course, a small band of unique brothers and sisters from across our great county assemble together and became involved, and made a difference - a herculean difference that not even the financially almighty of the county could have ever envisioned or imagine.

The group as a whole had but one burning desire in our hearts - to do what was then, and still is today...the morally right thing to do. And not just for the weak and the ill, the widows and orphans, but especially for all those who have no voice, and could not speak for themselves - all of our Alzheimer's/dementia afflicted citizens whom had no one else fighting for them.

We opened our genuine hearts to them, pouring out our compassion on them, and gratefully we discovered that we were not alone...three quarters of the county was behind us, and surely God was leading us - every step of the way.

With that said, we ask anyone, who at any point in time may have reasoned our meaning incorrectly, to understand that sometimes in the mist of battle, it's not always possible or sufficient to just put your hands up in a defensive, there are times when one must go on the offensive. Unfortunately, during the occasions when one is forced to strike back, there is always a possibility no matter how distant, that an unintended recipient may accidentally enter your range of impact, mistakenly receiving a wrongful blow...and certainly under those circumstances we can humble ourselves and plea for forgiveness.

Take note however, that we are not now, nor in the foreseeable future, willing to apologize to anyone for doing what we know to be morally right. And YES - we are willing to sit harmoniously with anyone desiring sincere and honest duologue to determine and define what is considered morally right for all, as long as they behave as they expect us to. With the understanding  of course, that "morally right" begins with TRUTH, and truth is absolute - always applying to all.

But to those out there who prefer instead to instigate a fight, with a strong desire to hurt us, our posterity, and our senior citizens - we assured that we will don our armor, prepare for your attacks, and battle you till the very end, with absolutely no hesitation...because - We are The People.



  1. "...There is always a possibility no matter how distant, that an unintended recipient may accidentally enter your range of impact, mistakenly receiving a wrongful blow...and certainly under those circumstances we can humble ourselves and plea for forgiveness."

    Humble is good, but to whom is this apology directed? Please name names or at least provide some context and specifics. Thank you.

  2. "we are willing to sit harmoniously with anyone desiring sincere and honest dialogue"

    How does one get in touch with the blog writer?

  3. Please...You could have at least said you apologized for allowing your blog to be used for other topics besides Gracedale where hate and harm were spread to others that you did not intend.

    Thank you for your time.

  4. Three comments from the unwelcomed one have been removed...when you allow us to post on your blog, we will consider allowing you on ours. Till then stay off this blog.

  5. Reverend,

    I responded to this post with two comments. I do not have a blog - I was one of the individuals who were attacked by hate comments you allowed on this blog. It would just be nice to know who you were apologizing to.

    You can delete this now if you like.

  6. To anon 8:16, you should realize that must folks will read their comments on this blog. Unlike the O'Hare hate blog, the Real Rev. does not delete every post his ego won't allow. O'Hare runs his hate blog as though he were God running his universe and in a way he does run his own sick little universe. What irritates him the most is that other outlets have developed that he and his cronies don't control.

    I have posted many comments on the O'Hare hate blog, just questioning some "facts" and those comments have mysteriously disappeared without comment.

    I am sure if you are sincere your comments would not be deleted, the Real Rev. is not like O'Hare.

    However, after all the hate and defamation of this group and supporters by O'Hare and his crones, his hate is indeed unwelcome.

    Just my opinion as someone who supported Gracedale and has been attacked in the past because of it on the O'Hhare hate blog.

    1. What does Ohare have to do with anon 8:16? It would appear you harmed the commenter and instead of dealing with that you tell them about Ohare.

      I voted to keep Gracedale. I did not vote for Graceddale because of your campaign.

      When I learned of it, I followed this blog to see what was going on.

      Let's face it you have allowed this blog to be used by "others" to post lies and defamatory statements that were harmful. There are more people in this world besides BO and TM. You allowed it bc you "dislike" BO more than TM.

      So apologized for it...not that I'm telling you what to do.

  7. 08:16 - If you are prepared to fully identify yourself, email with the necessary info, and we will gladly repost your comments, if not...all is well - have a great day.

  8. "With the understanding of course, that "morally right" begins with TRUTH, and truth is absolute - always applying to all."

    Are you apologizing to West Easton for giving someone an outlet to spread lies?

  9. The post is clear - read it again.