Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pawlowski Shun's NI

Hats off to Allentown's Honorable Mayor Ed Pawlowski for not responding to NI's emails, or better said - nonsense.

    Honorable Mayor Ed Pawloski laughs at NI 

It's sometimes so difficult to comprehend the devious and tortuous mindset of this ill willed individual who one day is wining and dining you, and the next is tearing, and ripping you apart like a savage rabid animal.

But his Honor is not fooled however, and understands very well that euthanasia is the most humane - and and in almost all cases, the only method to deal with a rabid animal.

Many of you politico's of NorCo and LV should take notes from Allentown's Mayor. You see, he knows that if he responds to this wanna-be reporter (whom by the way has no real journalist credentials, if he does let him produce them), his twisted mind will twist the Mayor's words with his slanted and intertwined biased point of view. And the responsible one for any negative results would be the mayor he simply ignores the nonsensical ignoramus...and it works.

Why you ask, should anyone take notes from the good mayor? Because his method of dealing with this rabid animal is the correct method. If none of you feed this pest, eventually he stops coming back for more...and eventually he has no fuel to continue his attacks on the good folks of NorCo and LV...and then life will be good...because the vicious, dreadful, and ferocious animal will be reduced to a creepy crawler, having nothing more than a squeaky bark - and no TEETH to his bite, tickling us with his gums. ;-)

But we understand that some of you politico's sometimes use this cockroach to do your dirty work dealing with matters that perhaps you, for one reason or another cannot...but We The People know who you are, and the process of euthanasia has begun - the Romans use to say...let the games begin - We The People say...let the elections begin.

Yes - We The People will remove you from your elected position like we did the infamous untouchable ignominious ousted councilman...who discovered, just like you will, that if you follow evil ways, you too will be touched and removed...

...EVIL never ever prevails.


  1. Excellent post. I see that the NI is harassing and provoking the Mayor of Allentown with ferocious and non-stop flame-tossing tasks similar to what we see as a performance of a circus clown.

    Good for the Mayor! He has ignored him completely....but he still doesnt go away. I wonder if he stalks this Mayor in person on walking paths and at meetings and at the police station where his presence has no purpose?

  2. Mayor Pawlowski is a very nice guy, I have met him on several occasions, and he is always smiling and working hard to produce for allentown the results he promised the city. Ohare is pist off at him because Ed won't give him the time of day, and bc he has produce more for AT in one term, than Stoffa his entire career for NC.

    Not to worry, I'm sur he cn take BO easily.

  3. I am no big fan of Pawlowski but I do agree with his ignoring O'Hare. O'Hare thinks he is some credible reporter because of his hate blog and the fact some newspaper is willing to "pay" him as a reporter.

    As a human being, if asked a question by O'Hare, I would be polite but would not submit to any interrogation or questionnaire by him. He is an evil man and will twist things to make people look that way he wants them to.

    So in that sense I applaud Pawlowsi. Angle and Stoffa are joined to the hater and look what it has done to them. Someone told me Stoffa actually thought about running for a third term. I laughed and said I wish he would have run, just to see him go down in a major defeat.

    I only wish the Mayors who are so anxious to be County Executive now, would have had this burning urge three years ago and sparred us the Stoffa second term.

    1. you people are reallt sick puppies

  4. No O'Hare you are the truly sick person. Get professional help, again.

  5. Bravo to Ed Pawelowski. He shuned the disgusting one. The Mayor should let the Penn Press know how he feels about O'Hares ability to be an "unbiased" reporter on the NIZ or anything else.

    Good for you Ed. All sane people know what O'Hare is all about.