Sunday, December 2, 2012

Another Deception! Again?

The nonsensical ignoramus has recently gone on the prowl, launching a campaign of attacks on County Executive John Stoffa, and we have been trying to comprehend what occurred to cause such action.

Well, we've been scratching our heads it really against Stoffa - or is there an underlying motive that we are missing?

Is it possible (in our opinion Yes) that Stoffa has given his known partner (BO) permission to attack him? Presenting the illusion that O'Hare has run amok! But the real intent is the attack of someone else?

Well, lets see - All of a sudden there are a rash of attacks on Solicitor Karl Longenbach and Jill Mancini. Could it be that they are the real targets in O'Hares cross hairs, ordered by the County Executive? Yeah, why not? With the deceptive Stoffa, anything is possible!

Perhaps the miserable John Stoffa is unhappy with Mr. Longenbach and Ms. Mancini for some reason not identified to We The People. And wants everyone to believe that he (Stoffa) is not responsible for the attacks by BO on his two cabinet members. Who by the way, were considered honorable and respectable members of Stoffa's staff until a few weeks ago.

In summary, John tells BO: attack me first, and it won't be obvious to The People that I put you up to attacks. Hmmm...that kind of makes sense doesn't it? Bernie implicates Karl and Jill in a personal relationship to stir up trouble for them...but why?

Well, it really doesn't matter because if it hurts anyone, it's going to be Stoffa...Why? Simple, if a relationship does exist, and their is a policy that prohibits it, then we have to ask: why did Stoffa allow it to go on? See - as we understand it, nothing goes on in the courthouse without Mr. Stoffa's knowledge.

On the other hand, if there is no policy against it, then the intent is to cause stress and anxiety to the point of meltdown. We know this to be O'Hares modus operandi. In which case we would suggest to the attacked parties not to despair...No one really cares or believes anything that O'Hare writes anymore.

Another possibility is that Bernie is angry with Ms. Mancini because she rightfully refused several of his RTK request. Consider his statement: "This is no anomaly. I've encountered the same nonresponsiveness in several of my own requests." So he decides to highlight a well known relationship to cause them grief.

In any case, we know that Stoffa approves of the attacks, or they wouldn't be happening. And we say that with confidence because the meaningless one has indicated that the relationship he is attempting to make a mountain out of, has been a mountain for a long while now.

Some one really needs to get a life...And we all know who that is!


  1. Interesting point. Certainly there have been romantic linkups in the past during the Stoffa Adminstration. Mr. O'Hare routinely deleted all discussion of it early in the Stoffa Adminstration. Word at the courthouse was a high level cabinet memeber was involved in some compromising positions with another management employee in the courthouse.

    O'Hare knows about it but that was then and this is now. Onr thing about O'Hare we all know his morality depends on his goals.

  2. Stoffa and O'Hare have come up again against a stone wall.
    Instead of gossiping about others, let us not forget the "red high heels" which Stoffa loves on a certain young lady and O'Hare's love-hate relationship to that same young woman.
    Who cares about what people do with their romantic lives?
    With all the problems which NORCO has because of Stoffa and O'Hare,they should have enough to keep them busy and mind their own business.
    Certainly, they have their own share of skeletons in their own closets.
    They should get over it. They have now been exposed to all. It is their time to let it go.

  3. Say what you like. I think Stoffa and Bernie make a lovely couple together. And they deserve each other.

  4. I am surprised that given the history of John Stoffa, he has never been hit with a sexual harrassment claim by a female emplyee. If he has we are unaware of it.

    O'Hare is so creepy most women run before he has a chance top be inappropriate. Besides, we know BO seems to prefer hanging with the young boys. He has another post with, yes you guessed it, a little boy of color as the star.

    Downright creepy.

  5. Still love that picture. The three angry, old lonely men.

    It is hilarious.