Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Seek The Truth...

...and when you find it, defend it till the end.

On July 13, 2008 the Morning Call wrote:


Our View

"The indictments last week by state Attorney General Tom Corbett of a sitting state lawmaker, one former lawmaker and 10 current and former Democratic House staffers may be just the tip of an iceberg, but "Bonusgate" already is the biggest corruption scandal in state government in memory."
We hope that STOFFAGATE doesn't surpass Bonusgate.
In Bonus gate it was clear that tax dollars were redirected for personal use. In Stoffagate the same is true.
If County Executive John Stoffa does not announce his resignation in a reasonable time frame (before this month is over)...We The People will have no alternative other than to pursue, for the 23,391 that supported us in our strife against our local governing body, the justice they deserve.
Do you really want to test our resolve again John?
COAF implored County Council on many occasions (and they know that's true - just watch on line) to allow the referendum question to go on the ballot, However, led by Ron Angle they defied the request. We said: okay, we have to do this the hard way, and so we did. What we did not know for sure was that John Stoffa was using our tax dollars to fight us...but we know for sure NOW!
We were deceived time and time again. Told that our tax dollars were never used to fight us...but Controller Stephen Barron verified the truth, our tax dollars had indeed been used.
Well, as far as We The People are concerned, either the Controller is misleading us, or the County executive is deceiving us. Our money is on STOFFA and Angle did divert our tax dollars to further and benefit their campaign to sell our beloved Gracedale.
Well, the truth is finally surfacing.
Resign John and lose your job...Fail to do so and you may lose your FREEDOM.
We implore you for the last time - RESIGN...or sleep in the bed you made.
We The People Will Prevail!


  1. There is no question you are right. The problem is there is no will on the part of County council to act. The COAF should focus on next years elections rather than a referendum for Stoffa to leave office. Even if successful he will be out of office by the time it happens.

    What you should do is pettition the Controller for all public information and forward it to the State and Federal authorities. Once they see what has gone on, I am sure they will act. They are not keen on the misuse of public tax dollars.

    1. There will be no referendum to remove stoffa, it can't legally be done in his last year. Hopefully there will be an investigation that leads to his arrest as has occured in other cases.

      I believe from what I read on this blog that coaf in it's right has discovered the truth and armed with the truth they are seeking stoffas resignation. It appears that if stoffa does not resign then coaf will seek prosecution to remove him. I guess the ball is in stoffas court. And if he is really so smart he should just resign and maybe coaf will be satisfied with his resignation that they go no further. Just what I got out of it.

  2. The corruption will be exposed at all levels of politics and Government. After i'm done laying waste to the Gross Family Cartel, the people of West Easton will have no choice but to elect me as Mayor.

  3. The above comment is from the fake West Easton Foot Print.

  4. I'm sure the fake is O'Hater himself. Click on the blog name and it will take you to a fake blog called www.menopausemania.blogspot.com

  5. Imprtant this be copied here in case Bernie deletes it on his blog. He does still protect Mr. Stoffa. Very important statment. One that is worth reading or at least I thiught so. Very thought provoking. Remeber, we said we would never be fooled again.

    "He should be rebuffed again. This is an idea straight out of 1990. The State and Fed are cutting back Human Service money. Privitization of services is the wave of the future.

    A building just for Human Services is backwards thinking at best.

    The county needs a consolidated governemnt service building for all non-courtrelated services in Easton. This is extrememly poor planning. I didn;t think that after the Gracedale fiasco Stoffa was capable of doing anyhitng as stupid as that again, I was wrong. This is stupid times two.

    This is nothing but a leagcy grab by Stoffa and once again an unknowlegable, ill-informed county council just bobs their heads. We may have elected new people but they are as bad as the ones they are replacing in their head bobbing to John Stoffa.

    Do your homework. Also find out the relationship of Mohr to Polaris? Find out how many contracts Mohr has had over the past seven years with the ocunty through Stoffa, never reported to Coutny Council? What is Mohrs $$ take on this?

    Why build a building to do things that you have no idea you will be doing in the future. Things that you will be most assuradly outsourcing more and more. Deos anybody on council do any homework?

    I would like to say many more things about this but due to the sheer incompetency of county council, I will be begging people who actually know something about county governemnt and Human Services to run for office.

    For this council to allow this executive to do this major deal in the last year of his mailed in tenure, is just sheer incompetence on their part."

    If you totally trust Mr. Stoffa and Mr. Marcus, no problem but I tend to side with the poster and would like to hear a lot more. Mr. Stoffa friend Mr. Mohr who put this deal together will only get into the details in a no pulbic invited "executive session". I think we know what thta means.

    We need to know much more before county council acts. The last thing we need is to spend more precious county money on a building Mr, Stoffa hopes will one day be named after him.

    How about less pomp amd more service!