Friday, December 7, 2012

One Hour Or A Thousand Hours!

The evidence is in - We The People now have the words of Mark Stewart to confirm it.
County Controller Stephen Barron reviewed the work of the law firm hired to sell Gracedale (Eckard Siemens), and according his findings, Mr. Stewart admitted he did in fact conduct an hour or two of work paid for by the taxpayers to assist Bernie O'Hare and Ron Angle in their PRIVATE litigation against We The People.
Ladies and Gentlemen of Northampton County, taxpayers, and electors - We The People have to ask: does it matter if it was one hour or a thousand hours?  NO, absolutely not!!! The fact remains a was WRONG! Tax dollars CANNOT be used for private purposes, or partisan issues!

Some will say - Yeah, but it's only an hour or two...We The People say - So what? It's still WRONG!!!

Consider a criminal on the street getting caught robbing someone. He goes to court and says to the judge...Your honor; I only took one or two dollars!  We suspect a judge would respond something like this: Well, in that case - you'll only get one to two years for your criminal action.

YES...otherwise without consequences, the criminals will commit their crimes over and over again. As we have seen (in our opinion) with Ron Angle. The man broke into a (private) locked file cabinet in a county owned facility! If any of us had committed that error, we would have been incarcerated questions asked.

Some may argue - But he was on the school board...SO WHAT! If he had the right to go into the file cabinet containing sensitive personnel files, wouldn't he use a key instead of a hammer and screw driver? That sounds like breaking and entering to us.

We can go on and on with his less than honest activity...but we all know his history. We don't need to be told over and over again...Do we?

So really - is there justice in NorCo? If someone in authority doesn't properly address this matter, it will certainly appear that there are two sets of laws in NorCo. One set applying to the Angles of the county. And another set to the rest of the county. 

And then Stoffa gets on the band wagon saying: if Angle can do it, so can I. In our opinion, he breaks the law too by authorizing Mr. Stewart to assist in a private litigation using tax dollars, belligerently believing no one can challenge him. Well he's wrong...if no one else - We The People will.

We have been forced to ask these tough questions, so we will! Is it okay for politicians to break the law in America? The answer in one Pennsylvania county is NO, and they sent a judge to jail for doing WRONG. In another county the answer was also NO, and they sent several politicians and associates to jail for doing WRONG.

In NorCo however, (and sadly we may add) it seems certain elected representatives can conduct any kind of activity they want to because (it appears to them) no one in authority has the courage to do what's right, and take them to task.

Some, right about now are attempting to sweep this under a carpet, with the notion that it's just an hour or two - big deal they say!

Well to us, who were put to the test and prevailed, it is a big deal!!!

Why didn't Mr. Stoffa also authorize Mr. Stewart to assist The People? After all, weren't we the ones footing the bill?

They insulted our intelligence by asking us to trust them. We couldn't trust them then, so how can we trust them today? Every time we turn around there is another form of deception on their part. But we believe it is finally catching up with them.

What now? - We look to County Council, and wait a reasonable period of time to see what if anything they will do...If nothing - then we climb the ladder again, as in the past, one rung at a time. Until ultimately we get the matter resolved to our satisfaction, or we meet President Obama. Whichever comes first! Remember, we don't make threats, but we keep our promises. And yes, we know our Constitution.

Stay tuned...more to come.



  1. Here's a question. Did Bernie do the title research work on the sale of Gracedale ?

    1. Thats a good question! when it's all said and done it will be revealed

  2. Word is, O'Hare was involved in the title gatering information on the sale of Gracedale.

  3. I am amazed that County Council has swept this under the rug. It just makes you wonder.

  4. The amount of time spent is insignificant. Whether is was 5 minutes or 50 hours doesnt soften the blow, that the dirty dynamic duo Angle /O'Hare were the recipients of taxpayer funded legal advice....they should refund the county or go to jail.

    Exactly correct, stealing is slice or the whole loaf...a crime is a crime. I hope they are appropriately punished and fined.