Thursday, December 6, 2012

Democracy In Allentown...

...Is alive and well.

In 2010-2011, We The People were charged with a tremendous task by the very people that were supposed to be serving us. Led by "the legend in his own mind" Ron Angle, and let us not forget County Executive John Stoffa. 

Out to serve themselves, they chose to put the will of We The People to the test. Only to discover that the will of The People was much greater than the deceptions they could muster.

Today, the "Gracedale Initiative" tree, planted in NorCo by We The People has begun to bear it's fruit.

In Allentown there is another initiative moving forward to prevent the sale of the water plant, and the committee spearheading the initiative has just received word from the "City Clerk, Michael Hanlon, declaring that petitions submitted to him on November 28, by the committee, have been declared sufficient."

Surprisingly or not, the nonsensical ignoramus has this to say: "So in this instance, I'd support giving the voters a direct say in the privatization of its water supply."

Wow, isn't that nice. The People of Allentown get his support to prevent the sale of A WATER TREATMENT PLANT. But when it came to GRACEDALE, dealing with human life, what did he have to say: "I tend to oppose direct democracy, sometimes called initiative and referendum," and what did we hear him yell at the top of his lungs? SELL, SELL, SELL.

The greatness of the news received by the committee is that Democracy is alive and well in Allentown. We suggest to the governing body that the will of We The People be served!

Northampton County Council
Meeting this evening 6:30
If you cannot attend, watch on line @


  1. All of a sudden, the monkey has decided to support democracy.You are correct;he has chosen to support stench and crap over human life.
    Should this not be clear message to all reasonable people about the "truths"of the one who is a "student"of NORCO history.
    What a FAKE!
    He seems to enjoy being beat up.

  2. Word on the street is O'Hare controls Hanlon like a puppet on a string. He does O'Hare's bidding without question.

    What devious plot is O'Hare hatching now?

    Thank God you're there, stopping him from wreaking a path of destruction on the God-fearing Allentown residents.

  3. Most people are terrified of O'Hre. They are afraid he will attack them and their famliies on his blog. It is sad that he has that power, given his emotional instablity.

    Early on he made it clear that Allentown's issue and Gracdale were "different." Why? Becasue he said so.

    You are correct, he is a hypocrite and always has been. A fool with power from Stoffa and his blog. We must work to protect good people from his vicious attacks.

  4. Apparently he viciously attacked Controller Barron at tonights county council meeting. Mr. Cusick should have stopped the personal attack in its tracks but allowed it to go on. It was off topic and inappropriate.

    Another reason I will not support Cusick. he is still an O'Hare guy at heart.