Thursday, December 13, 2012

Let The People Decide!

Politicians who generally speaking don't like referendum questions on ballots, usually have self serving schedules...Not We The People agendas.

That is why County Executive John Stoffa (who is all about himself) is so adamant in keeping the system the way it is. How many of his cronies will be in line for his position?

In We The People's opinion, the bi-partisan proposal by Councilmen Ken Kraft and Tom Dietrich relating row offices being elected as opposed to appointed is an excellent proposal.

Why so? Some like Stoffa may ask...Because We The People are not idiots. We know how to push the buttons and pull the lever. We also know who we want to be in elected seats as opposed to having someone shovel appointed choices down our throats.

"If approved by county council, Kraft's bill would let voters decide this spring how row officers are chosen. The primary election is May 21." from Mcall

Our question is: Why wouldn't council pass a bill that has DEMOCRACY written all over it? When this question arises in tonight's County Council meeting...We The People will be watching the council vote closely. We know that Barbara Thiery and Bruce Gilbert will most likely vote against the bill for two reasons 1) they are Stoffa/Angle supporters 2) supposedly they will not be attempting re-election so they have nothing to lose.

Well let's see if we can do the math - two support, two do not...that leaves five to make the decision; in favor or opposed. Again We The People say: we will be watching closely. Of the remaining five, three are up for re-election next year.

Some may argue that we are brow-beating Council (because that's a tactic they use), we say: we're doing no such a thing. We are merely expressing the truth. And the truth is in a democracy the voters decide. So while we can't effect immediate change with those on council not up for re-election next year, we can cause positive change for democracy with those that are.

Ladies and gentlemen of Council - this is an easy bill to decide. The way we see it is: if you vote in are voting for democracy - if you oppose the are opposing democracy.

To the three who's term is up we say:
Vote in favor of the bill, and we will vote for you... against it - And we will vote you OUT!!!

Read Mcall
Vote For Row Offices



  2. Once again the slime monster O'Hare has attacked Rev. M.
    O'Hare is claiming he never blogs anonymously even though we know that is not true. He then goes on to call the Reverand a coward and his friends trustless.

    I have never met as sad and angry a person as O'Hare other than Ron Angle.

    1. we read his insult, however, it troubles us not. First, we have to know the source, and that he does not allow our comments on his blog. Hence, the reason we don't allow his on ours.

      We know who the real coward is, it's him. All he can do is call us names, so that's what he does. So what? Who really cares? Certainly not us.

  3. Bernie's clean shave ballsackDecember 14, 2012 at 1:20 AM

    Anon would you like Earl Grey or Orange Pekoe?

  4. Ohare is a lame loser. No reason to expend any breath on him...I agree with you guys on most things but I worry about the row offices being elected..There are some excellent Row officers out there who might be beaten by guys who have absolutely no experience in the offices they would serve. If you are going to be contacting councilpeople I wouldnt expend the energy on subjects that don't directly affect Gracedale. The rush to build this new Human Services building at Gracedale's expense is a bad idea. That's something worth contacting council over. Ohairy is supporting that in the hopes that Gracedale will then lose funding and will be forced to privatize..Let Kraft fight the row office battle. You guys should be fighting Ohare on this building battle. All Gracedale folks got cuts in their contract because these saved bucks were supposed to help save Gracedale. Now they want to use the money for a new building and Gracedale will get cut short..Call councilpeople and ask them to slow that building process down until more is known about it.