Monday, December 3, 2012

The War Of The Blogs?

Here come the flaming arrows - We  must of hit BO's nerve with our recent post about his attacks on two of Boss Stoffa's cabinet members (which in our opinion means that we're on the right track).

He goes on to say about our blog: "Saving Private Gracedale. - This one is also anonymous, although Forks Township resident and Fake Rev Mario Martinez has at times claimed he is the author. Last week, he ragged on the Express Times for not publishing a story that recognizes him for his many accomplishments. He posted a blog explaining how he has managed to endure in the face of Evil, as reflected by Ron Angle and yours truly. His latest is a bizarre claim that John Stoffa has instructed me to criticize him. Alrighty then."

Let us make a correction or two, because as We The People know, BO has a tendency to mislead his readers. After all, that comes directly from the State Supreme Court.

Our most recent post "Another Deception, Again" (which he refers to in his statement above) highlights some possible scenarios for his recent attacks on Stoffa staff members, and says nothing about criticizing our spokesperson or any COAF member "His latest is a bizarre claim that John Stoffa has instructed me to criticize him"...wait a minute - he's twisting the truth again, isn't he? And isn't twisting the truth a deception? Why yes it is! And isn't a deception another form of a lie? Yes indeed. Well, his dysfunction has already been well established. And we all know he's proficient at twisting the truth, but not really capable of telling it.

Then he refers to our post "The Express Times" relating to ET's involvement with Stoffa and company, in which we make it crystal clear that an ET reporter called us for an interview (we did not call him), then he failed to show for the interview without a follow up call excusing himself. Yes we will continue to hold ET's feet to the fire for not reporting news fairly, why wouldn't we? And why exactly is BO defending ET? What a tangled web we weave!

The greatest thing here folks is that BO has been trying hard not to engage us for a long while now (because we're prone to exposing him with the light of TRUTH). But he explodes in his recent post, comparing himself to of all things, a monkey. Ironically, even monkey's want nothing to do with him and are said to be insulted. A true Kodak moment.


  1. At this very moment there are five comments on the other blog 2 r the other guy and 2 are against the other guy. 1 was deleted!!!

    1. sorry. i have benn informed that it is politacally incorect to say the other guy. I mean the monkey lol

  2. Yes, a true Kodak moment it is.......he actually just revealed that he has hit himself with his own hammer, so to speak. Other blogs have been created to combat the incessant, and delibrately contorted vortex of lies, that he publishes on a daily basis. The King of Hate points the finger....pot calling kettle?

    And he just gave us all more press! How nice!

  3. ....and one more thing......there are other blogs that he cant control, thus the rolling on the floor and foaming at the mouth has become a regular activity in Nazareth, and West Easton....wink, wink

  4. Thank God you're taking O'Hare on at his own game. Word on the street is that his minions are readying their offensive against you (not a threat. wink wink.) so please be careful.

    You have God on your side! Crush that godless heathen, destroy him!

  5. O'Hare is like the green mucus glop that some guy hacks up and spits out on the sidewalk. Don't step on it. Just warn people to stay away. Thanks!

  6. It is funny that a major nut job like O'Hare is ranting on his hate blog about how bad other blogs are. He is known as one of the most opinionated and deceptoive bloggers ouyt there. A few people commented that he helped create other blogs by his consistent use of lies and deceptions, as well as his making comments he didn't want "go away".

    He saw himself as King of the blogosphere and still does.

    His gang of follers like Clem(Angle), Bill, and his anonymous pretend people are about all he has left.

    I thiink Callahan hitched his wagon to a falling star.

    1. And callahan will fall with him.

    2. Word on the street is Callahan is using O'Hare like a puppet on a string, and he'll dump him when the time is right.

      Callahan is doing God's work.

  7. O'Hare is really stung by this blog. It makes him act crazier than he normally acts. You see he lives with hate in his heart. He never exorcised the Demons from his past. As a result, he is still an angry and fearful child, so he lashes out at those he sees as threats. He is a sad little man. He needs to be loved. Why do you think he hangs around with an unrealated boy he calls his "grandson." The little boys must look up to him bvecaue he is so old.

    Apparently it is official that Mr. Reibman and Mr. McClure are running for County Executive. It is good that Mr. Callahan will be challanged. O'Hare is continuing his vicious attacks on Mr. Reibman and Mr. McClure. He is terrified. Callahan promised him his unofficial county position will stay like with Stoffa but he knows the other guys will toss him with the trtash.

    To a bright new day in Northampton County.

  8. O"hare is a slimey goon who has a very creepy relationship with a small boy he calls "grandson." Of course they are not related. This is what Sandusky did too.

    Let's not forget that O'Hare resorts to the most intentionally false and deliberatly defamatory blog posts, and most (if not all ) of the comments are penned by O'Hare himself.

    I never understood why such a hateful and troubled soul with no friends or family would whore himself out to the highest bidder, become an arrogant hypocrite in who he supports, and continues to stalk and trail a lovely lady in West Easton.

    ll the while advocating for transparency in government, attaches himself at the hip with the most hatefully secret government officials in West Easton, and that includes Atiyeh. Everyone knows the DUI center was a dirty deal, and the Borough who hosts it were bribed.

    He loves these people, yet proclaims to adopt government accountability and transparency. He wears his shirt inside out, has a split tongue, wears his shoes backwards, and smells awful. Nothing below the belt, and NO WOMEN will go near him. His life is his penance. Sad

  9. Well the predicted has strated. Remember in 2010 when Charlie Dent was running against John Callahan, the hate blog had a Dent Press release every day. Also we were treated to attacks on Callahan everyday.

    Now everything has changed. Callahan is running for County Execuitve, O'Hare has been purchased and the campaign is on.

    He has been doing press releases for Mr. Callahan, and we will no doubt read them up until election day. He claims Mr. Callahan is totally diferent than when O'Hare said he was a failure.

    Also he is again attacking Mr. Reibman everyday becasue Mr. Reibman is running for County Execuitve.

    We all know about the sincerity and truthfulness of O'Hare. Too bad for Mr. Calllahan, he wants to walk in the footsteps of Stoffa and Angle and O'Hare will ensure that happens.

  10. Weird how O'hare has a very recent stoffa email's content on his site, but complains about RTK requests are stalled, or ignored. Or was this not a RTK, and he's on the county's most important people email list?

  11. It is sad that someone like O'Hare has been an unofficial member of the Stoffa Administration. That is why he is campaigning for Callahan. O'Hare willl remain in the same position. It is time to elect a real leader that will tell O'Hare to stay out of county government, unless he is there as a spectator.

    Also no mpre naked baths inthe county restrooms.