Saturday, December 8, 2012

He Asked For It...

...So it should be!

Bernard O'Hare III while responding to the information provided by Controller Stephen Barron, appeared to melt down during the December 6, County Council meeting. He ultimately said "Let's do it! Lets have the district attorney look into it!". (County Council Meeting December 6, 2012. Start 9:10 into the meeting)

In essence he was asking County Council to have DA Morganelli launch an investigation into the matter regarding hours paid for with tax dollars to assist him and Ron Angle in their private litigation against We The People.

Linda L Kelly - Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General - Protecting PennsylvaniansPennsylvania Department of the Auditor GeneralWe find ourselves (for the first time) agreeing with O'hare. An investigation should be launched. However, we're not confident that the DA's office should be the one conducting such an investigation. We feel perhaps the Pennsylvania Department Of The Auditor Generals Office Of The Taxpayer Advocate should commence the investigation, or perhaps the State Attorney Generals office. All findings or results of such an investigation should thereafter be presented and released to the general public.

O'Hares deranged mind does not allow him to understand that there are laws which prohibit the use of tax dollars for personal/private use.

We The People believe that when County Executive John Stoffa authorized the use of funds and a firm (Eckard Siemens) hired to service the County, to also service two private citizens in a private litigation matter - state laws which prohibit such actions were broken. Which laws exactly? That will have to be determined by the investigation.

These three shenanigans (one of which is still in office, and one removed from office by the electors) have violated the trust of the people for far to long now.

We cannot, and must not allow this corruption to continue.

We The People will be  requesting County Council to turn this matter over to the appropriate office for investigation.

Our trust in Council is growing, and will grow greater if Council demands John Stoffas RESIGNATION. What Mr. Stoffa did can only be viewed as WRONG! To add insult to injury he said it never happened. Well, the proof is in the pudding!

We're not asking Council to commit a crime, on the contrary, we're asking that you correct one.


  1. At the very least, I am asking on Mr. McClure to bring to County Council a Resolution Censuring the actions of Mr. Stoffa. Since Mr. Stoffa allowed a county hired, taxpayer funded lawfirm to assist a private citizen in a lawsuit against other private citizens, such action is warrented.

    The censure shuould be brought up and voted on at the next meeting.

  2. Stoffa did not count on you people. He and Angle got away with a bunch of stuff for a long time, but he or they never counted on you. congrats on your efforts to bring honesty back.

  3. Anyone really interested in seeing for themselves what Mr. O'Hare is all about should spend a few minutes to watch that linked video of his comments to county council.

  4. Watching the Hairy One on the tape is a laugh riot as he foams at the mouth and attacks Steve. Peg, you gave the guy a bit of what he deserves--to be called out as despicable. The good guys are winning.

  5. I think O'Hare has a personality disorder. He foams at the mouth and rolls on the floor when ANYONE questions anything he does, says or writes. Thank you Peg for stating in public what a jerk he is.

  6. The looks on the blank faces of county council while they listen to the rants from O'Hare (the Fake Lawyer) is priceless.

    1. You noticed that too. Also priceless are the good folk standing up for all of us. Great job coaf.