Friday, December 7, 2012

The LIES Continue!

The nonsensical ignoramus on his blog post "no tax hike budget" reveals: "With minor amendments, Executive John Stoffa's no-tax hike budget was adopted tonight 8-1". What we would like all interested parties to focus on is "no tax hike". When County Executive John Stoffa was attempting to pull the wool over the taxpayers eyes on October 17, 2011, what was he saying?

Well let us point you to the Business Matters episode Gracedale: The Aftermath - No sale, now what?, where Ron Angle states clearly "next year we will need an 18 to 20% tax increase" and 6:20 into the show he sought Mr. Stoffa's confirmation, asking Stoffa: "is there a 20% shortfall in next years budget at this point in time, yes or no?" and John Stoffa answers: "it's pretty close to about 18%".

WOW...really. Either he was an idiot then, or a financial genius now. Last year no tax hike! And today, better than a year later, no-tax-increase! And what about next year? it was predicted by Doran Hamman that it is likely there will be no-tax-hike necessary next year either. So you see, Stoffa isn't a genius when it comes to budgets, he is a deceiver, or truthfully stated...An out right liar. As is Ron Angle.

We don't want to sound harsh, but we can't help it! They have blatantly attempted to "CON" We The People - to satisfy their own desires.

John Stoffa should have listened to We The People, because We The People, along with Lamont McClure, and Stephen Barron said all along - based on factual numbers, that a tax increase would not be necessary.

And the deception doesn't stop there...After losing the court battles, all three shenanigan's stated clearly during a County Council meeting that they were never assisted by Mark Stewart of Eckard Siemans...New evidence introduced during last nights County Council meeting substantiate that they all lied.

NOW...It's time for John Stoffa's RESIGNATION!


  1. Is it rue that last night during courtesy of the floor, O'Hare personally attacked Mr. Barron and Rev. M? Allegedly he called them names and used slurs. Why did Pres. Cusick not gavel him for that? Speakers are supposed to stay on topic and not get intp personal attacks.

    If this is true, I hold Mr. Cusick responsible for allowing such behavior.

  2. Yes it is true. He is totally desperate because there is nowhere to go.

  3. Oh my God!! On O'Hares hate blog, he refers to Controller Baron as a "fat queer". It is timne that Stoffa and Callahan publically repudiate this man. He is disgsuting.

    When one talks like that about an elected official and hangs out with young boys, it should raise red flags to the authoritites.

    It is hard to bleeive that even O'Hare could stoopp so low.

  4. He keeps stooping lower and lower and day, karma will become his reality, and he will spend the rest of his life in jail. All little boys, now is the time to speak up.