Thursday, December 6, 2012

It Should Be...

...John Stoffa resigning.

After all, wasn't Stoffa the one who approved Mark Stewart to do work on behalf of Ron Angle and Bernard O'Hare III, and then bill the taxpayers? Why yes, that was him!

Karl Longenbach has been under attack in recent weeks by Stoffa through his rabid friend. And we can only imagine he is fed-up with the innuendos, and has decided to disengage himself from the less than honorable and out of control John Stoffa.

While it is true that Mr. Longenbach lost in court fighting a battle we're sure he didn't want to be part of, he did so because as the solicitor it was his duty to the County under the direction of John Stoffa.

We forgive you Karl - We recall with admiration you shaking the hand of our spokesperson after losing the court battle against We The People. It took a big man to do so...never stop being that man.


  1. Let me say as someone who has known Karl a long time, he is a good man. It is sad he is leaving county service. Yet, I can understand that after the vicious attacks by O'Hare egged on by Stoffa, I don't blame him. Stoffa has a reputation for throwing people under the bus. He does it in a sneaky fashion and likes to use others. O'Hare amnd Angle were perfect for his dirty little jobs. It was one of the few things Stoffa was good at.

    During the "dump Gracedale movement" by Stoffa, Angle and O'Hare, Karl was a victim like many of us. He personally thought it was stupid but he had a job to do and did it. I still hold him in high regard and wish him continued success and better sleep leaving the toxic Stoffa/O'Hare world.

    I agree with your overall assessment. Mr. Longenbach is a good man. He did his job as all good attorneys do. We know of one former attorney that didn't do his job opf this client and was disbarred. Yet this "person" sits in judgement of Karl. Lets see how successful Mr. Callahan is in his partnership with the evil one.

    It is unforunate that Karl is the latest victim of the Stoffa gang. Good luck Karl, you are a much better person than the man you worked for.

  2. Yes indeed he will be missed

  3. If this doesn't demonstrate that Stoffa is a complete jerk, nothing does.
    Everyone who is decent wants to jump ship.Who would want to work for an Exec who CHEATS his own taxpayers and enjoys lying to them.
    Think of the red shoes,does he also lie to his family.
    Someone ought to AIR the red shoe memo.
    The word on the street is that it was written by Stoffa.
    IF this is true, how low can he really go?
    Good luck, Karl.
    Kudos to you for such a professionally written resignation letter.
    Why would a decent person like you want to work for such a "dirty old man?"

  4. Stoffa is the most disgusting example of a public officialthat the taxpayer of Northampton County have had the misfortune to elect. What were they thinking? Liar, Sneak, Backstabber etc. Karl run - be grateful that you have not been contaminated by him. He is truly a vile an untrustworthy man. God Bless you and thank you for your service. You will be missed.