Friday, December 14, 2012

What Does He Know?

During this years "last" Council meeting yesterday afternoon, County Executive John Stoffa said: "If we don't do this, I don't know what we will do". He was talking about wasting more of our tax dollars.

Our executive as a supposed-to-be leader has demonstrated incompetence of the highest levels. From true leaders you will never hear such vulgar words, and we don't mean indecent, we mean offensive.

Consider Gen. Lewis B. (Chesty) Puller surrounded by by 22 enemy divisions (that's 16,500 enemy men x22) Chesty didn't say: "I don't know what we will do". No, his now famous words instead were: "Men - they are in front of us, behind us, and we are flanked on both sides by an enemy that outnumbers us 21:1. They can't get away from us now".

As history teaches us, Chesty and his motivated Marines made it out destroying 7 entire enemy divisions in the process.

You will not find anywhere in our history books a true leader say: "I don't know what we will do". So we know that our executive is no leader - he's a wanna-be.

Sad, because it is quite apparent that he's turned on the auto pilot for his last year, hoping to make it out too. But unlike Chesty, he doesn't have a division of motivated Marines. What he does have is a number of deserters. Why does his cabinet continue to run? Well, perhaps because they don't want to go down with the plane when it runs out of fuel...and it will.

Our concern now is that John Stoffa with all his unnecessary expenditures will intentionally break our county financially...And then before he leaves office he will say: I told you that we had to raise taxes if we kept Gracedale, you didn't listen, and see what happened. I told you!...I told you!

What he won't say is: I'm incompetent, and we're broke because I didn't know what to do.

That's okay John, in the musical West Side Story they sang a song with the lyrics "Somethings coming, I don't know, what it is, but I know, it's gonna be GREAT".

Your resignation or your removal by the proper Authorities John...'s gonna be great.


  1. stoffa doesn't comprehend what u folks have done and how far u r willing 2 go. He cannot fathom for the life of him ur reolve. He just wants u 2 go away but u keep coming. He trhows all kinds of garbage at u but u just keep coming. This was overheard in the courthouse. Merry Chrismas, happty NY and keep up the good work.

  2. All he want sis a buiding named after him. He keeps getting rid of positions but wants to build a building.

    He is an idiot.

  3. Wait till you hear the entire story of Mr. Stoffa and his friend Mr. Ken Mohr. It is along history of county contracts and money.

    As much as people want a nice new building. This is not what they think it is and will be paid for with more service cutbacks. A few people will make a lot of money off of this deal.

    Notice how Mr. Ken Mohr will only discus the details in a private "escecutive session." Sound familiar?

    Can people forget the "Gracedale story" so soon?

  4. funny one min. the county has no money workers have to give back the next min. we are going to put out money for a new HR building because it has 265 parking places if we heard that once we heard it 10 times. Like there is no other existing building that can house this for alot less money. And as for " escecutive session " to discuss some things , discuss them in front of the tax payers after all it is there money -- oh I forgot you think you can spend it any way you want Mr. Stoffa Remember people of Northampton County are watching you more now than ever. maryann

  5. This must wait until 2014 when fresh and less corrupted eyes can do the right thing. Too bad the PSSU union cannot see the game Stoffa is playing. If he is willing to cut your jobs do you rreally think this building thing is about your welfare? Do you realy think this will end well or maybe be his reason to cut even more jobs a few years from now.

    A new facility yes but not wtih this crowd. Let us get an honest group to work it out.

  6. You are exactly right..Wait for 2014 to get this done when we have a new council and a new executive..If it is indeed the way to go, they will do it. Slimy, creepy Ohare is pushing this on his blog and he's attacking anyone who wants to stand in his way..That's because he knows if this building is built lots of money will be syphoned away from Gracedale..Don't oppose the building..Just call Council and ask them not to rush into this so fast..It's too big of a project to rush into without thinking..If I were a councilperson running next year, I'd hav to think long and hard about waiting on this..

  7. Yea..If Ohare is trashing anyone on his site who opposes this.. I think he wants to divert Gracedale funds to other projects so then the county will start the privitize gracedale crap again..Bettter contact Council members and ask them to wait on this project until the next council and executive can review the merits. It might be a good project, but if Ohare is supporting it and bashing those who oppose it, there 's a reason and it's not a good one...

  8. Good comments...If this project goes through the way this administration wants and if future administrations are bound by this , Gracedale folks will take a hit..Once they build this building they will cry and complain that there is no money left for keeping gracedale public and no money left for worker's contracts...Stop this!

  9. Is this the same Jim that O'Hare has asked Stoffa to fire?

  10. What are you talking about 12:10? Are you the scum bag rat sniffing guy that writes a blog praising the destruction of Gracedale? Jim Erwin
    did beat your buddy's butt in the election. R U trying to fire him?

  11. What in th eworld are you talkiknjg aobut 12:29?

  12. Well, there is no mention of any Jim in this article or in the comments..Was thinking you or 12:10 was Bernie trying to attack Jim Erwin...I was confused by the JIm reference. Seemed dumb and out of place..