Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why Did They Leave?

Anyone who has witnessed the activities of County Executive John Stoffa will tell you he is less than honest, less than honorable, and less than desirable for the position he holds.

Interestingly enough, the nonsensical ignoramus posted this morning "NorCo Loses Second "Naughty Email" Unemployment Case", in which his says the following:

"John Stoffa has made a career working for the disadvantaged in Northampton and Lehigh County."

ImageConsidering the statement is accurate (we don't feel it is) The question we have to ask is: What disadvantaged? You see, Gracedale is the home of the widows and orphans, yes the true disadvantaged...And we have to make the point that John Stoffa clearly attempted to throw them under the bus by selling Gracedale?

He also says: "But this arbitrary and uncharacteristic termination, which follows quickly on the heels of a questionable appointment of a third floor pet to the Register of Wills, is exactly what happens when he loses good cabinet officials like John Conklin and Vic Mazziotti. It's no way for him to end his stewardship of Northampton County."

Which really doesn't make a whole lot of sense to us, perhaps because we know the TRUTH.

In our opinion, John Conklin left because he was being groomed to take the hit for Stoffa (you know, get thrown under the bus too), and Conklin recognized the reality and made his exit before such a thing could happen.

And Vic Mazziotti, another appointee that knew and understood all too well the truth, made the decision to run before he got caught up in the web that Stoffa weaves. 

You see ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, John Stoffa is the problem! On Business Matters our spokesperson told Ron Angle and John Stoffa that what our county needs to correct it's course is "NEW LEADERSHIP". And he told Angle right to his face that he was a poor leader and a poor business man, and that We The People would replace him. And we all know today that he was correct because Ron Angle is no more (except in his own mind). And John Stoffa sat there with a smile on his face failing to realize that the message applied to him as well. And that he too would be replaced if he decided to run again (which he has indicated he will not do).

blloge blindfolded.jpg photoWhat Stoffa couldn't see is what Conklin and Mazziotti saw - We The People are the BOSSES! And we are watching! And we're looking for the best of the best leaders to correct the wrong direction the USS NorCo is headed in.

We The People are seeking leaders with working moral compasses that point accurately to the TRUTH. Leaders who's objectives include helping those under them who are doing poorly to do well, and to help those under them who are doing well to do even better.

But John Stoffa does not understand that because he doesn't understand true leaders manage things and lead people. Management is about arranging and directing...Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing.

Take a lesson Mr. Stoffa - But before you do...
Stop embarrassing the County!!!


  1. Hairy BS again. Stoffa made a career of working for HIMSELF not the disadvantaged. He was always hungry for the next job, the next chance for attention, the next time he could preen himself on being "apolitical."

    Trouble is he finally got high enough up the pole so people could see the ass he really is. What a waste of time the guy is.

  2. The corruption running through the upper echelons of NORCO Government must be purged with a extreme prejudice. A massive enema delivered to this corrupt beast will flood out the most vile miscreant that resides in the nether regions. Don't be surprised if the hate blogger himself is indicted along with Angle and Stoffa.

  3. This is another fake comment from the fake West Easton Footprint.

  4. We just removed another comment we suspect is BO

  5. O'Hare is pure evil, as if Satan himself is living in Nazareth. He has Stoffa dancing like a puppet on a string.

    Let's direct our vengeance where it belongs, with Bernie O'Hare. What he has done is mindbogglingly evil. He must be stopped at all costs.

  6. @ 1:41 He is going to pay for his misdeeds ten fold after his laughable lawsuit gets tossed out of court. He won't be able to afford his hovel in Nazereth forcing him to beg for real estate on Ron Angles couch.

  7. The above comment was posted by the fake West Easton Foot Print.

    I would not be so stupid to post a comment like that when the decision is still out. Notice I dont do this with West Easton Borough matters, because speaking for a judge, before he makes his decision is something only an irrational dumbass would do. That would be O'Hater himself.....just like he did with the COAF lawsuit. It backfired.

    If it is not tossed, I will subpeona his pay records from the Easton Coach. After all, he is seeking $250,000 in "damages"

  8. Usst removed BO Comment - Stay off our blog