Monday, December 10, 2012

Witch Hunt?

We don't think so! And shouldn't it be Warlock? Or is there something we don't know about the "tres chiflados"

The Nonsensical Ignoramus would have everyone believe that he, along with his two poor (self serving) elected friends are just good people being hunted like rabid animals.

Well, there is nothing further from the truth. O'Hare is a "supreme court established" liar, known as a flip-flopper. What is that you ask? It is an individual who changes his minds (or who's mind is diverted by money or money fulfilling motives) on a regular basis depending on who can afford his garbage from one day to the next.

Image of VINTAGE ARCADE PHOTO TWO MEN IN BED TOGETHER GAY INTEREST Take John Callahan for example. Last year O'hare shredded him to pieces on his blog. Yet, this year he thinks the world of Mr. Callahan, and can't say enough good things about him. Why? Well that is so simple to reveal. None of the possibles for County Executive who have announced their intentions will give O'Hare the time of day. But Callahan feels if you can't beat-em...Join-em. So he gets in bed with the self professing bottom feeder, possibly promising things like continued full access to the courthouse after the other John is gone.

The problem for Mr. Callahan is that his association with the fading O'Hare will definitely cost him any opportunity to capture the County Executive flag.

No reputable candidate today wants to be  anywhere near O'Hare. You know, it's like he is consistently expelling intestinal gas...away from me you bottom feeder, is what most say today!

Anyone who had the opportunity to witness O'Hare Crying during last Thursdays CC meeting (16:15 into the meeting) witnessed a so called WITCH that could not magic his thoughts together. He spoke like he was asking himself: WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT? Hmmm-  oh yeah, the Rev. Mar...I mean the Fake Rev. OHHH...I hope someone out there cares about the nonsense spewing from my mouth.

Well Bernie, perhaps John Callahan does - But as for the rest of us, you can stop hoping because WE DON'T!!!

We The People want honest government. It means the world to us.
And we feel it is safe to say that anyone associated with known deceiver's like Ron Angle, John Stoffa, and Bernie O'Hare, who always seem to be lurking in corruption, must be corrupt too. So while once upon a time there may have been hope for you Mr. Callahan, that hope is fading fast! Just as fast as BO is fading. Good luck to you sir...You're gonna need it!


  1. O'Hare is the devil incarnate, he uses people for his own nefarious deeds and then tosses them aside like used Kleenex.

    Thank God we have God on our side, fighting the fight of the righteous!

    He must be stopped at all costs.

  2. Still love the picture of the three angry old men. Callahan will let O'Hare keep taking his nude baths in the county restrooms. Staff have compalined but so far no action haas been taken.

  3. Bernie O'Hare is a bad seed born and bred from parents who didnt show him enough love. He has a twisted relationship with a young boy not related to him. His actions are consistently and awkwardly as embarassing as a 3 year old throwing a tantrum in a shopping mall. He doesnt get it, he doesnt know when to shut his mouth, and he has a very frightening undercurrent rage directed at society as a whole.

    He has failed in life at everything he has touched and has made enemies out of firnds, acuantainces, and the like. He is hated throughout the courthouse because of what he writes about people who work a pathetic no skilled loser who is jealous because he doesnt have a job....oh, wait...Easton Coach, thats right.

    Maybe they gave that imbecile a job because the buses can be fueled by all of his hot air. He detests any union employee because unions stand by their causes. O'Hare stands by nothing except his own filthy underwear.

  4. Has anyone stood close enough to the stink bomb O'Hare to see that his teeth look like a 20 year old decayed corpse, whose last meal was a dirt sandwich?

  5. I understand all of your points, but you marginalize yourself when your attacks become personal. Those comments are not the comments of a professed Christian, none-the-less of a politician or activist. I am for your cause except when you post comments like the four above.

    1. Hey bernie not everyone who comments on this blog is a professing christian!

    2. Yeah Bernie take your satanic presence away from this blog. The Power of Christ compels you to leave, and leave now.

  6. The nude bath comment is appropraite because it shows the indifference of Stoffa and the close relationship and privledges O'Hare has at the courthouse. How many people do you think could get away with taking a bath in a public restroom, in a county courthouse?

    It is disgusting, yet he can do it and staff and visiors have to see it. It is disgusting.

  7. One word describes BO the best--PARASITE.

  8. One word, and an adjective- $&#@ing