Saturday, December 1, 2012

Is COAF Going After The Republicans?

Absolutely NOT!

Because we have highlighted Mr. Gilbert and Mrs. Theirry and they both happen to be R's doesn't mean that we are going after the R's...County Executive John Stoffa is a Democrat! And we always tell the TRUTH about him!

So NO...Absolutely not. COAF is definitely a bipartisan group which also includes independents.

In fact, we welcome anyone and everyone who strive to...

But in TRUTH, we understand that in life we will come across many crooked...we mean twisting and turning paths. So, what to do?

Well, we should always endeavor to only do the right things, in only the right ways. To facilitate in good conscious - making the right choices.

Usually we make the wrong choices because we are attempting to get from point "A" to point "Z" without considering "C, D, E, etc".

When we focus on what many consider the "easy way" it always puts us on winding and curving paths. Which more often than not, requires more time and effort than a straight and honest approach.

Yes...That's the point that Ron, John, and the meaningless one missed.

Hence the reason for their failures.

No...The republicans have nothing to fear from us, nor do the democrats or independents.

Only those who desire to rule over all with an iron fist, and who chose to do evil - should fear...

...Because they too will discover, just as the "Tre Chiflados" discovered: We The People will derail them...
And with minimal effort.


  1. Very good points. The evil one will always try to discredit you. He does everyday on his blog. He and his fellow haters call this and other blogs, full of "crazies, rolling on the floor frothing at the mouth". Of course that describes him and his old patron Ron (wrong) Angle more than anyone else.

    Ms. Ferraro swayed but never bent and stayed true to her oath and she is a Republican.

    I beleive it has to do with the person and not the Party. There was a time I though John Stoffa was an honorable man, I learned he is the most deceitful county executive ever. He is a Democrat but if he ran for re-election, I would vote for the Republcan.

    I have watched these last four years and I find that Ms. Ferraro has eraned my vote. I will listen to those who also run but I am not at all trusting of some of the incumbents. Their Party means nothing. Integrity and trust, mean everything.

    1. Yes indeed!!!

      Personally, I’m a "D" but sadly this year I had to vote republican because I believe BO is leading this country in the wrong direction.

      I believe it is ok 2 assist those in need but not those who chose to be in need (a hand out).

      BO programs include the killing of babies while in the womb. And he wants me and all taxpayers to foot the bill. Why would I, a person who does not believe in killing babies, have to pay for the abortion?

      He says that it is the woman’s right n choice. And while I believe that a woman should be able to make her own choices, I don't agree that killing a baby should be a matter of choice.

      What about the baby, doesn't he or she have rights? And if you ask the baby, do u think he/she would chose death. I don't think so!

      BO should analyze and rationalize that if his mother had aborted him, our country might be in better shape today. But I’m glad she didn’t because life is more valuable precious than the status of our country or world!