Thursday, February 17, 2011

Are We Ready To Move Forward?

It certainly appears that The People are, and it seems many on CC are, but the ex-chair continues to play his games. He has put his sidekick up to appeal a decision that will not be overturned by a higher court because The People are within their rights to have a referendum on the May ballot. But, while we have to contend with the ex-chair for a little while longer, he and his sidekick choose to continuie to be a nuisance at this point in time.

"Resentment is like a glass of poison that a man drinks; then he sits down and waits for his enemy to die."
- Author Unknown

Check Out this article:

This question is in the ET today:
Do you agree with the reasoning behind Northampton County Judge Stephen Baratta’s decision to keep Gracedale on the ballot?


  1. I understand we voted the council in, but on an important ruling like saving gracedale, why shouldn't the people have a say in it and a lot of other things that are important to us. I had no idea the county is being run so badly.The few meetings I did attend was like going to an obscene movie. Put the people in contact with reality,not just a few.

  2. At the meeting last night Angle told our people to stop handing out flyers, he rented the hall. Only to find out later there was no charge for the hall. LIE 1, Angle said he offered for us to join the counsel, and help with Grasedale, no offer was ever made,lie 2. Angle said Bernie Ohare was contiuning with the appeal, and WE would appeal. LIE 3, and you are to trust him?

  3. Angle said he wasn't going to appeal the judge's decision regarding the validity of the signatures. He's the money-man behind Bernie O'Hare's appeal. Angle's not fooling anyone anymore! He's telling so many lies he's having trouble keeping them straight. All COAF wants is to give the voters a voice in deciding the fate of Gracdale.