Friday, February 11, 2011

A Time For Healing

Today all present in court room 10 witnessed the wisdom of Solomon displayed by the Honorable Judge Stephen Baratta.

While we did not did not bring either case to court, the Coalition extends a sincere apology to Judge Baratta for electing those that did initiate these frivolous actions to represent us in local government. When at the polls, We The People never imagine that they would waste our tax dollars suing us, and with the same stroke waste your precious time.

While we may never fully comprehend exactly why the ex-chair, his side-kick, or the county executive would want to prevent the people from casting their vote on the Gracedale issue, peaceful democracy is about to provide us a calm and quiet time for healing.

What we do understand in Northampton County today is that there is a reason the word unity is in the term community. Our great County has demonstrated by its sincere commitment and uncompromising dedication to the Gracedale issue, that when a community binds together tyranny will always fail.

We can stand humbly today knowing that the systems our forefathers provided to protect us from people seeking complete control actually work. And because the system does work, We The People must refrain from demonstrating behavior that aligns itself with that of the oppressor...stay humble always.

We The People should never lend wood to the fire caused by the misguided. We should desire only to extinguish the fire. Now we need to begin the process of healing the wounds that this issue has caused all of us who truly care about the fate of Gracedale, taking refuge first in God, and then in our democracy, because as established in recent times they both work. The first Creates Miracles’, and the second regenerate’s faith.

Soon the rest of the country and the world for that matter will be able to look to Northampton County and take notice of a true democratic process. And all will see that when the people trust first in God, and then in their imperfect democratic system…they can and will prevail...

Rev. Mario Martinez

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