Monday, February 14, 2011

Angle Drops Out...But His Games Continue

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  1. There are a couple of reasons for this. And both benefit RA.
    The first is he wants and needs it to appear he is NOW for democracy by the people. In an effort to get re elected.
    The second is he is ahead of the ruling and wants it to appear he is coperating while knowing Stoffa prevailed, this again to benefit his election hopes.
    Either way the movement while making sure to get out the vote on this thing should be multitasking trying to unseat Angle.

  2. I agree we must unseat angle. No one thought he could be removed from the presidency but he was unseated there. No on thought he would lose the will issue but he did. No one thought that he would lose the court case against the grass root coalition, but he did. If he put his own reolution on the table that would give gracedale renewed life then perhaps he could recover but we all know that if Odare does appeal he will be doing it with angles money cause we all know Odare doesn't have any. So Odare appealing could be a bad choice for angle.

  3. Wepaman say he got the right here comes the left hook followed by right uppercut oooh if little giant get caught wid dat he out 4 da count

  4. Don't let them fool you.....Ron is still behind the appeal. Do you really thing Bernie O'hare is doing it on his own! Bottom line....Ron Angle must be ousted!!!!

  5. I still find it so difficult to believe that Angle has, in my humble opinion, suckered Stoffa by means of a staged budget fight, into using taxpayers'money to sue taxpayers to prevent a redress of grievance by PREVENTING a vote.This is what they call Justice and American!
    Now, we are going to receive letters referring back to the so-called 20% tax raise.Once the people got smart, then the 20% turned into a swaption which nobody knew about. When The People learned of the swaption,then the petitions were done incorrectly. After the ruling on the petitions, then Stoffa sued again over the Election Commision's decision and the Home Rule Charter.
    Now that this seems to be going down the tubes, Angle announces today that he won't appeal his case,although his side kick will. Now, we are back to a 16-18% raise in taxes which will be written in a letter to educate all taxpayers in order to defeat the referendum.
    Now, I ask the following: If Gracedale needed a 20% hike in August to operate for the year,why did the County(Angle) place Gracedale in the budget for a half year which, by his own admission,should have raised our taxes by 10%,however, that did not appear on our tax bills.
    Stoffa created a Budget which included Gracedale for an entire

    year and included No tax hike at all.
    So, who is fooling who?
    I can easily see that something else is involved ,and I believe that the REAL reason for the sale of Gracedale will soon emerge to discredit Stoffa. Angle has led Stoffa down the yellow brick road for a reason.
    Since I believe that Soffa is the better of the 2, I surely hope that Stoffa wakes up and informs the public of the truth. The tax hikes are scare tactics because they change and/or disappear from time to time or as needed.
    Stoffa knows that if the proper changes are made at Gracedale and his administration hires a management who understands business and companies which know how to make money, Gracedale will be in the black.
    Gracedale needs aggresive leadership who know how to supervise it's personnel.
    The County , if we cannot afford the demands of the unions, have to say NO.
    If this approach can work, why are we spending so much of our money to rid ourselves of Gracedale and use scare tactics.
    Stoffa would agree with this. Too many people at Gracedale and at the County level have let Gracedale down while featherbedding their own nests.
    Come on Stoffa and Council,get the job done now.