Monday, February 28, 2011

23,391 County Executives?

We feel compelled to address the recent fatuous remark made by Mr. Stoffa relating to the county having to contend with 23k county executives. No one is suggesting such a silly thing, except of course the incompetent county executive himself.

The People have a right to correct mistakes made by government. Government is nothing more than fallible human beings selected by fallible human beings. The People strive to select the most scrupulous and consciences servants available, however, there are times when due to our fallibility we may error and select by the power of our vote the wrong official(s). And when that happens we are entitled to correct our mistakes. That was what our founding forefathers understood, and therefore, they put alternative avenues in the Constitution so that We The People would be able to correct our mistakes should it be necessary to do so.

It turns out that Mr. Stoffa and Mr. Angle are two huge mistakes, but as of recent, Mr. Stoffa is pulling ahead of Angle in ignorance.

If our elected officials do the morally correct thing most if not all of the time, they will never have to be concerned about contending with 23k+ county executives. Why not? Because in that case, the majority of the populace would be in agreement with our government. As it stands now, we are not in agreement!

The responsibility of any honorable politician with high morals and righteous ethics is to listen to their constituency, comprehending that failing to do so is what inspires grass root activism to form and speak out against the government they established. However, when government continuously turns a deaf ear on their multitude, government should expect nothing less than an uproar which by design would be intended to get the attention of the failing government. For example - current events in Egypt and Libya.

Once again we have to point out the ugly truth in Northampton County, our local government is in fact failing miserably in every aspect of the word because they are failing to heed the will of it's People.

We The People continue to shed light on the fact that we are the served and all elected officials are servants. And anyone who does not comprehend that, or does not care to serve should not seek employment in public office. And those that decide to seek office in NorCo for their own gain are now on notice, for as demonstrated in recent times The People will sit silent no longer.

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  1. When Mr. Stoffa writes in the local newspapers that he is selling and/or scaling down Gracedale thereby having to move some or all of the residents anywhere that there are beds available, then everyone should know that he is in some type of trouble or is hiding something BIG.
    It cannot be money,for the money is there.
    Both Mr. Angle and Mr. Stoffa have gone out of their way to NEVER say or do anything which would frighten the elderly who reside at Gracedale.
    I never remember Angle threating the residents in the papers where they could read these threats to lose their home.
    But,how dare our County Executive hide behind that cool demeanor and finally come out with that which he calls the truth in the papers,mainly, moving some or all residents to another home. That is, if there happens to be a bed available. How callous and cheap.
    It is time for Mr. Stoffa to come clean. I still believe that Angle is involved in this dirty mess somehow,but,at least, he has the smarts to distance himself from threatning the elderly of NORCO.
    How does anyone feel,regardless of AGE, when he/she is told that his/her house is being taken away .
    Think about it,and you can identify with these same elderly people who paid all of their lives
    and now are told by their County Executive that foreclosure on their last place to live is about to take place!!!