Tuesday, February 15, 2011

As We Await The Decision

Judge Baratta is schedule to rule on the Gracedale Initiative question sometime today. I ask all who believe in a Sovereign Lord to pray for a positive outcome.

Whatever his ruling, I on behalf of the Coalition and all petition participants thank him for his wisdom and his patience contemplating this matter.

Pray and be patient as you wait. Soon enough we will all know if we will be voting on the Gracedale Initiative, or considering other options.

I would like to take this opportunity, with respect to non-believers, to ask my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to deliver today to the people of Northampton County the right to vote on this very important matter. Lord we know that you give us the possible to do, and we are to give you the impossible, so we do. We pray that Saving Gracedale for the widows and orphans is part of your great plan for us. If it is not we will still praise you and seek you in all we do. We ask that you keep us humble in all activities and actions while serving you and our brothers and sisters of this world. In the glorious name of Jesus I pray. Amen

Rev. Mario Martinez

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