Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can You Make A Crooked Line Straight?

Check out the soon to be ex-councilman:,0,3089458.story

More on the 2nd Vic:,0,2327129.story


  1. Does that suprise you ?

  2. Mario and the rest of COAF

    I live in the Wind Gap area and have learned that the Wind Gap Council president

    Scott Parsons is attemting a run at Angles seat

    He has been on council for 8 years

    I just spoke with him and volunteered to work on his campaign

    I told him of your group and he expressed interest in meeting with you to discuss any coperation he might garner with your group. This in his effort to unseat Angle

    his number is


    Here is a bit of info you might enjoy knowing

    Angle has already contacted him trying to disuede him from running. Ron told him he shouldn't bother because he has $40,000 in his "warchest" and asked how much Scott has

    Angles source of course from all the honest donors that don't expect favorites

    I will be taking his petition around shortly he only needs 250 signatures

    He wants to get about double that because of the venomous nature of those 2 Hyenas
    Please consider backing him he does need support .

    This is the juncture at which we can begin

    Phase II


  3. It sounds to me that you guys in WindGap have chosen a decent person to run against a man who thinks only of himself and all the money which he can grab.
    I would be honored to be one of the first to sign his petition.
    Once you have worked on 23,000 signatures,250 seems like a walk in the park.
    I also agree that a meeting is urgent so that we can begin to help Scott with the necessary fundraising to keep him in and a positive finish for the race in November.
    Let us once again make County Council work for the people of our county instead of Angle using the residents of the county to work only for HIM!

  4. I will line up signatures as well. It is good to see that a decent man wants to help end the circus at County Council.

  5. I would be another one who would be very proud to sign your petition and our group would be happy to help you in any way in fact we have something planed in your distric and would be happy to talk to you about it. I will give you a call.

  6. I would agree that most people of NORCO want to bring stability back to our County Council.The circus to which you refer has to stop,and our elected reps should get back to doing our business.
    There is no doubt in the minds of most residents as to whom is causing most of the distractions.
    Would it have been so very difficult to have spoken to the people about the Gracedale issue before moving so quickly?
    If this would have been done in advance with good and effective planning, the problem would have been resolved months ago,and other types of issues could have been on their agenda to get the peoples' job(s) completed.
    The job of the people is to elect someone else from our northern /nw tier in order to restart our County's business with each issue not
    being contraversial in nature.