Friday, February 4, 2011

The People On Trial - 2 - A Mockery Of Our Judicial System

WOW what a day. While we certainly believe that everyone deserves their day in court...this was ridiculous. A suspended attorney, who was suspended from practicing law for among other things, forging his clients signature.   

Then you have a want-to-be Perry Mason, who lost a recent case in court because his father’s signature, on his father’s will, was not his father’s signature. Then who's was it? Well, it’s been said that you cannot straighten a crooked line.

In the mean time, the average folks of the county, whom in simple terms just want to have a say with this Gracedale issue. And who did the very best they could to collect the required signatures honestly, and did so with limited provisions by the county, now are accused of fudging signatures?  Yeah right.

Can you believe what Angle said outside the Courthouse today - "We're a country of laws. We're not Egypt or Tunisia, here there's three different branches of government. Under the law you must meet the criteria to be on the ballot. They did not meet the criteria," What? This man is definitely delusional. Everyone who knows Angle knows that he does not follow the law unless he gets caught. Isn't he the one that told another politician the he won't be in politics long because he was too honest?

And does he realize that in Egypt at this current moment there is unrest because the people want democracy? Yet here in NorCo we are supposed to have democracy, except that democracy in NorCo means that when the county council or the county executive disagree with the will of the people, they simply sue you! They use our own money to SUE US...can you believe that? Disgraceful.

And can you imagine that Stoffa filed a court action to prevent the question from going on the ballot, after rooting for the coalition to get the signatures? Does that make sense? Perhaps that’s because he too didn’t really believe that COAF could do it. WELL WE DID. No doubt we should petition those 23,391 voters again to remove Stoffa for misleading us. And then COAF can write a book, and become an advocate for petition drives, after all, the more we do this the better we will surely become.

Lastly, considering what we witnessed in court today…it appears that in NorCo anyone can practice law, no license required.


  1. i support your efforts and have done so since the beginning. i agree with you about the hypocrisy of the elected officials now attempting to disenfranchise your right to petition., however, i humbly suggest you refrain from using previous(and current) legal difficulties experienced by o'hare and angle; it's irrelevant to the issue at hand. best of luck wednesday morning.

  2. Why are two PRIVATE INDIVIALS being coached by the legal team to sell gracedale, I hope the fee for the help went to the two indivuals and are not included in the fee to sell gracedale. If I have to pay the fees by being a taxpayer than the county in fairness should pick up the fees for all.

  3. Didn't Angle stab his wheelchair bound father in the toes with a pocket knife ?

  4. It was obvious to all in the courtroom that RA and BO were being coached by the lawyers from the firm hired by the county to sell Gracedale. This whole deal to sell Gracedale has been a sham on the part of Stoffa and Angle since day one. After watching government in Northampton County in action for over a year I understand why many people are disgusted. Lies, backroom deals,persoal agendas etc. Remember this debacle at election tome. I just regret that any names will be eliminated for they were collected in good faith from voters who wanted their voices heard. So much for democracy in Northampton County!

  5. Judges don't like to go against the intent of the voter. Let the people vote.

  6. According to Ohares blog

    Angle took

    $500 in campaign donations from the law firm selling Gracedale


    $2000 from Abe Ateyah <sp people

    also the judge will not be swayed by one sides faults or the other sides noble intent

    that is if he wants to remain a judge

    he will rule according to his interpretation of the law. period

    and if it is not to the Angles liking

    he will appeal until he finds a judge that gives him the verdict he wants

    just like the will

    and speaking of the will

    did you all hear?

    I won't tell tales after school sorry

  7. Your efforts are to be commended. Never give up.

  8. How did a can of wasp spray get in side the courthouse, along with a lighter it becomes a flame thrower, was it that some one that was not screened brought it in?

  9. i'm beggining to think john stoffa isn't competent to do his job as county ex. and has angle and ohare doing his dirty work for him ....why else would the county ex. ignore 23,000 taxpayers ? it doesn't make sense ... maybe his competency to perform his duties should be seriously looked into.

  10. From the beginning, John Stoffa and his Administration should have made an attempt to work, discuss and learn in order to see whether or not ANY alternative plan could have been reached in order to resolve the Gracedale situation. John's consulting report listed a number of ways to resolve the problem.
    He and Angle spoke to UNION LEADERS but not the regular folks, as Bill O'Reilly would say.
    True ,we live in a representative democracy; however, public input could have helped to avoid this whole mess.
    The sad thing about it all is that IF Gracedale is privatized,giving families LESS of a say in what happens to their loved ones, NORCO history will FOREVER ,place this on the head of John Stoffa.
    I find it incredible that John Stoffa really believes that his position will really benefit anyone but him and Angle. Even the County Council was intelligent enough to remain out of the arttempt to help Gracedale while Angle continues to sue and sue. Then I saw in the newspaper that John stoffa has also jumped on the bandwagon to appeal.
    He is close to becoming a quiet Angle.
    For me, I do not know whether I feel sad or not when I see our local government-who we elect - playing all these games with the courts.
    I shall always remember the Gracedale situation because some of OUR ELECTED REPS WILL TAKE ANYONE TO COURT TO FILE SUIT OR TO APPEAL a petition which expresses the will of 23,300 to simply VOTE,VOTE, VOTE on the issue.
    The government telling people "legally" that they cannot VOTE.

  11. it's so ridiculous how they have conducted themselves ... instead of being open and honest stoffa and angle hide in ohares blog .... i don't understand how stoffa can ignore so many people.... how does he think he got where he is ? it makes me sad this isn't how government should work ...stoffa ,ohare and angle make a mockery of the people and democracy and sit back and laugh .....but i believe no matter the outcome here election time will be a different story ....POWER TO THE PEOPLE !!!! you gotta believe and i believe in each and everyone of you !!!SAVE GRACEDALE!!!!!!

  12. A blog only survives if it has readers.

  13. On Thu. evening Angle wanted to talk to the union rep. On friday the rep wanted to talk ANGLE SAID THAT WAS YESTERDAY, Why the change overnight this is good faith?

  14. Could someone tell me if this is true,that Mr. Stoffa is going to sue the coalition of alzheimers families, and also the election commission ?If this is true there is some thing wrong with this picture. The county executive is going to sue the tax payers of his own county for trying to get some thing on the ballot ?
    He should be real proud of himself.
    If this is so it is about time people stand up for their rights

  15. The COAF are the only ones that can appeal, that is why the other law suit was filed, again by the firm that was hired to sell Gracedale, I guess they want their 300,000 plus costs, and the bill goes up.

  16. Yes the

    COAF received the paper work Friday they tried to get it through Friday with the suit from Engle and Ohare, The law firm from harisburg was there To help the county, they in turn helped two private citizens Engle and Ohare, Your tax dollars at work, Again the suit was filled by two private citizens, why the help by the county. And you wonder where your tax Dollars go,great way to spend your money.
    Can you defend against something that was filed with the court THU. afternoon, hearing was put of till Fri. by the Judge, Northampton County at its finest.

  17. The election Commision will have to be defended by the county, they were doing and offical act for the county, The county law suit against the county, great way to fly an airplane.

  18. Plus the judge is already in BO's pocket. Did you see him laughing and joking with BO and Asteak? He dismissed every argument made by our attorney, and BO just smiled a lot. Somebody needs to wipe the smile off that fat face.

  19. judges get elected to .... it wasn't a laughing matter !

  20. There is NO COAF member who would ever believe or state that the judge was in anyone's pocket.
    I am pleased that he smiled and made every citizen feel more comfortable.
    I saw him to be an honorable person who stated that he would work to serve the letter of the LAW.
    I am sure that there are other aspects of this case which the judge has to research,but,I, a COAF member,know that he will work as hard as he can to maintain the integrity of ALL parties concerned in order to uphold the law of the County.

  21. it could be he just knows ohare and his smiling really didn't mean anything. try to not read to much into it . keep the faith , i am .

  22. Maybe he wasn't smiling

    Maybe he was laughing at that loser ex-lawyer