Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Can We Trust Stoffa?

Stoffa admits he told us that he would not appeal if he lost his case against The People...he lost and appeals anyway. How can we trust Mr. Stoffa or our local government when they continue to mislead us, and waste our tax dollars suing us. DISGRACEFUL

Click on this link to read a Easton Patch report:


  1. They have no consideration for the taxpayers of Northampton County. Mr. Stoffa said we can't have 23,000 executive's make the deciension.
    Well maybe 23,000 heads are better than one.

  2. i now question john stoffa's competency to do his job i believe a full investigation should launched .

  3. If you're not too tired, is it time to launch a Recall petition for Mr. Stoffa ?

  4. The coalition should be thanked for waking up the county. No one really knew just how bad our political figures were until they were exposed by the coalition. Now the so called leaders of the county have been exposing themselves every time they open their mouths to speak, they tell lies, then the truth comes back to bite them in the butt. Leave them alone and they will take themelves out without help.

  5. Well anyone who falls asleep during council meetings (we won't mention any names) Mr. Stoffa should not be the executive. He really has no idea what is going on. He's a puppet