Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Come Out To Support The Cause

What we are witnessing in NorCo today is truly history in the making. Not violence like in Egypt, but a true peaceful determination of the The People to exercise their inalienable right to vote on the Gracedale Issue.

We have to ask, why is the EX-CHAIR so fixated on selling Gracedale without allowing The People their right to simply vote on the issue? How exactly does he benefit from the sale? What exactly is he hiding from The People?

Now Stoffa has chosen to go against the people too. What a strangle hold the ex-chair must have around Stoffas neck that he would chose to do such a thing. On your way out too - forever.

On Friday, February 4, 2011, there is a scheduled 9 a.m. court hearing on this matter...We are asking all who truly believe in democracy, and who want to have their voice heard, and who want to be part of this historic moment, to please attend the hearing. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Please come help us finish what we started.

President Obama said this morning - "all of us who serve in office do so at the will of the people". Why does our local government not understand this?


  1. Why is everyone forgetting the 1,200 sig. At voter registration, and the 1,500 sig. to be sent to a Judge? 2,700 names in the air.

  2. Unfortunately alot of people work and won't be able to come and support you. Our Thoughts and Prayers will be with you in the Court Room on this day. Represent us well and make us proud. May God Bless Gracedale Residents, Employees and the Coalition.