Saturday, February 12, 2011

1st Amendment

The Home Rule Carter allows participation of The People and that is where we took our direction to petition our local government to give Gracedale another opportunity to float or sink. But, The People also have rights beyond the HRC, we have a great Constitution that was designed by The People for The People.

The last paragraph of the 1st amendment reads "and to petition the government for redress of grievances".
So why would they not listen? Our local government led by the ex-chair decided to do everything they could to prevent us from providing our gem a second chance. Ignoring the People even though we implored CC to resolve the issue without forcing us to pursue a petition initiative. And then when we followed the law and exercised our inalienable rights, within a two week period The People were sued first by a Councilman, and then by the County Executive. Why? Good question.

This has to stop. Our government should be held personally and financially responsible for any frivolous actions they take against The People they are supposed to be serving. They should have no right to misuse our tax dollars the way they have been. Both cases had many county employees sitting in court on our buck. We're sure if it was on their own dollar they would have reconsidered the action.

How much exactly did these two court actions cost the tax payers? Hopefully CC will have those figures for us at the next County  Council meeting. 


  1. I agree.
    The County Exec spending our money to file suit against The People in order to prevent The People from voting on one of the biggest and most profound issues to hit NORCO.
    Regardless of all his rhetoric, it comes down to the vote.
    Why the rush?
    Angle was in such a hurry to sell that he took the job of the Exec ,namely the budget, away from the Exec in order to do it himself.
    Well, as we all now know, that was the biggest error which could have happened. Mr. Stoffa has to do his job, and now Mr Cusik has to do his.
    Angle is no longer running the County Council;Mr. Cusik is!
    All of this wasted money, OUR MONEY, could have been saved if we had a leader who really understood what JUSTICE for all really means.
    Speaking and conferring with REAL community groups to receive in-put from the very beginning, and allowing people to express their opinion instead of telling them to shut up and sit down could have produced an understanding on all spectrums of the issue.
    Instead , everyone read one of Angle's quotes in the Express Times about staying at the Gracedale County meeting until 2am in order to get the vote to sell Gracedale. He probably thought that this vote would entitle him to be called, The King Of NORCO. After all, he will always be known as the Bully who formed the EVIL TRIUMVERATE OF NORCO.
    County Council: spend some time and hear what the people want to do, please.

  2. I understand from a person who attended last Friday's hearing that Stoffa was white; Longenbach was dark red bordering on purple.
    Does this mean that if RA were there ,he would have turned blue?