Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Hurdle

Fair Judge to make decision Tuesday:

More to come...


  1. Where did the post written by Mario Martinez about Judge Baratta go? I enjoyed reading your praises of him. Why did it go poof?

  2. the good fairy must have visited the site?

  3. I'm glad you enjoy it. I beleive that the Judge is fair and he made much more sense than Angle, you or Stoffa. We will live with what ever decision the Honorable Judge makes because we do beleive in our system. Unlike you, we also beleive in playing by the rules. We are waiting for this to be over so that we can begin working on our May initiatives, namely removing certain councilmembers by the power of our votes. We are not going away.

    Rev. Mario Martinez

  4. Hey Anon 9:35 PM

    Hello Bernie

    how about a big cup of


  5. I wonder who the good fairy is?