Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Petition?

Mr. Stoffa promised the Coalition that he would not appeal if he lost his case in court...he lost. Now he says he has to think about it over the weekend? What about the promise he made? Does that mean nothing?

The Coalition on the other hand believes that when you make a promise you should honor your word, holding on to the ideal that we should not make promises we cannot keep. As we see it, the problem in NorCo local government is that County Council and the Executive department continuously dishonor the populace by not keeping to their word.

Perhaps the Coalition should consider over the weekend a new petition drive to recall Mr. Stoffa for once again misleading The People.

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  1. I notice over at Lehigh Valley Slander that Body Odor is trying to intimidate Angle's supposed opponent. Is B.O. inviting people to follow him with cameras and take pictures of him ?

  2. What is this I heard about giving up due to lack of money to appeal?

  3. Legal fees are expensive and not everyone has a bottomless pit of money.Who do you think is funding O'Hare?
    And when it comes to Stoffa, he is using taxpayers' money to file suit against taxpayers who are looking solely for the PEOPLE to vote on this issue.Our tax money to sue its citizens.
    How can a VOTE cause so much concern?
    Think about it!
    I, for one, am willing to donate.
    Could someone give me a way to reach the leader of this group?
    Our right to vote is precious,our taxes our being used to sue other taxpayers because they want to vote.Does this sound like America?

  4. How much are we talking?

  5. As of the time of the law suite, Mark Steward , from the law firm hired to sell Gracedale billed the county 4,000 dollars in fees for work for Engle and Ohare and stoffa. Engle and Ohare were coatched by the county lawers and Mark Steward. Nothing like the county paying the bills for private citizens to bring law suits. The bill for court time has not been given to the county yet. This was brought to councels attention and no action was taken, see vidio of the councel meeting. Realy looking after your tax dollar.

  6. I was on WFMZ Web Site this am and there is an article about The Coalition Attorney saying he hasn't been contacted to appeal and something about no funds to appeal and in the comment section someone posted this:

    Mocha Motive
    Brooklyn, NY
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    9 hrs ago How much is needed?
    I will cut a check tomorrow
    Someone with knowledge of this get back with a contact

    It wouldn't hurt to go and post a contact number..maybe someone else cares about our plight.

  7. Recall Mr. Stoffa ? Recall Mr. Cusick ?

  8. If you need contributions in order for Americans to vote on an issue,how can people get involved?
    What the exec and Angle are doing is un-American.Let's hope that the rest of the Council opens their eyes.

  9. recall Mr. Stoffa he is angle's puppet
    Keep Mr. Cusick I think he will be alright.

  10. I agree with you,but Mr. Cusick has to begin to bring Angle under control. I know that he is new to this,but he must take a stronger position with Angle when he won't be quiet and/or when he just wants to get his way by constant interruption.
    Mr. Cuisik MUST do something with his council to censure the filthy name which Angle called Mrs. Ferraro.
    If he doesn't do that and allows Angle to carry on,then he loses in terms of his own leadership.
    I wonder if all bosses allow their men employees call their women employees what Angle did to Mrs. Ferraro and GET AWAY WITH IT.
    I doubt it very much. It is my understanding that the word he used was "f------" protitute and not filthy.
    If Mr. Cusik cannot fix this soon,he also will lose credibility.
    One more point,besides spending taxpayers' money to stop a vote on Gracedale,what good have they done for the County?
    This County has been split right down the middle and ,J.Stoffa has done what to mend it? Sue,Sue,Sue! And who does that sound like?

  11. Yes, but with McHale, Mcclure, Feraro and Dietrich voting to keep Gracedale, Mr. Cusick is the key.

  12. The Coalition needs to set up a Legal Defense Fund. Since B.O. is being funded by Angle, and Stoffa is being funded by taxpayers, you need to solicit donations. Set up a bank account and ask people to contribute.

  13. +Several of us had the
    Pleasure of meeting Scott Parsons today. What a gentleman. Parsons will bring back civility to the council when he defeats Angle. He is currently President of the Wind Gap Council. He is not a newcomer to politics. He is in favor of saving Gracedale. Scott also has some other interesting ideas to help the county move forward. You can meet him Weds March 9th 2011 at 7pm at the Klecknersville Firehouse. We
    are Hosting a Meet and Greet Gatering for Steve Barron and Lamont McClure and a farewell for Ann McHale. All are welcome. Any questions call (610)554-8833 Peg Dalessandro (COAF) or(610)509-3709 Maryanne Schmoyer (COAF)

  14. We look forward to meeting Mr. Parsons and seeing Mrs. McHale,Mr. McClure, and Mr.Barron
    nice idea meet and greet.

  15. Republicans, Democrats,and Independents:
    Perhaps, together we can restore civility and cohesiveness to County government.
    This meet and greet idea is a good one.
    This is the point to which we have now arrived in our County government:
    I watched the video of the Council's last meeting. A gentleman from the public demanded that the Council censure Mr Angle for the vile and obscene name which he called Mrs. Ferraro,or that Mr. Angle,himself, apologize to her.
    Neither was done.
    If he is allowed to say those things about people in public,he should be man(Marine) enough to own up to it.
    Not even one Council member(who I could see on a tape)even made an attempt to bring common sense and civility to the foreground.
    I had hoped that the minister would say something,NOT ONE WORD.
    This,my fellow citizens,is the state of our County Government.

  16. i think stoffa's competency should be brought into question at this point bernie ohare and ron angle are running this county and i for one did't vote for either of them .