Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Angle Say's Taxes Will Go Up

While we welcome the decision that Mr. Angle made yesterday to stop trying to prevent The People from voting on the Gracedale issue, we do not agree that taxes MUST go up in order to keep Gracedale in county hands.

We believe that with proper management Gracedale will once again go into the black, and if that is the case then why would taxes have to go up to keep Gracedale? They don't. 

It is apparent that the ex-chair simply wants to scare The People into voting against keeping Gracedale.

We also believe that if CC was leading and working with the Executive properly, and the Executive manages the different county departments correctly, this of course includes Gracedale, we would not have the problems that we have been seeing and experiencing in recent times.

So in May, should we be voting on the Gracedale initiative, we should also be looking closely at who we are attempting to put in office. The challenges we have been forced to face in last year have been manufactured by the poor managers/leaders we have put in office. Let us NorCo voters stay connected and make the changes necessary to bring honesty back into our democracy.

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